We facilitate strong & successful AO Scan Mobile clients, users and affiliates anywhere in the world.

We build & support dedicated AO Scan practitioners and affiliate teams to deliver
extraordinary healing & wellness results to humans and animals alike.

Solex.Life Mission is to Encourage & Showcase AO Scan Life

We aim to connect doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, wellness coaches, healers, veterinarians, dentists, personal trainers, health clubs, spas, salons, biohackers and wellness enthusiasts with our exceptional healing & wellness frequency technology while providing training and highlighting a plethora of ways to use the AO Scan in a practice or daily life. (Solex.Life Blog link).

– Paige Maurer Wheeler Solex AO Scan Affiliate

Why AO Scan?
We help move the body field towards homeostasis & provide Our scans are non-invasive and there are no contraindications.

Easy Setup

Order. Activate. Assess. Optimize. Heal.


Grow your scanning clientele or sell AO Scan devices to others.
Join our team.

Got You Covered

We accommodate all time zones and English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, German and Arabic language


Your AO Scan device usage is customizable. Create your processes, usage habits, business, team and/or culture.

Large Client Pool

Anyone & everyone can use this technology.

Similar Culture

Healing & wellness focus
high vibration mindset.

Easy Access

Technology & Collaboration
Available 24/7

Cost Savings

Low monthly rate,
significant ROI, increased product sales, remote testing, no office space required


And Hello, Hola….!

Our affiliates & practitioners are located all over the globe and our technology is programmed in 6 languages!

English ~ Spanish~ Chinese~Portuguese~German~Arabic

At Solex.Life we don’t care much about your location, time zone or level of wellness training. We are always happy to help, train and onboard or scan clients & users anytime of the day. Reach out today to schedule a time to connect.