AI May Replace a Doctor, but not the AO Scan


Robot Doctors on the Scene

The following image depicts AI components emerging from a medical professional’s outfit in place of their heads.

ChatGPT, a generative AI powerhouse, is rapidly advancing and becoming more adept at providing healthcare-related advice.

The significance: In the future, machines may carry out medical diagnoses and treatments more than human physicians.

The news is that ChatGPT recently passed the U.S. Medical Licensing Examination—although the result was close—as part of a recent research experiment.

The researchers point out that medical students in their second year typically spend much time preparing for Part 1 of the exam. In contrast, Part 3 is usually taken by those who have already completed medical school.

Focusing in on AI

Ansible Health, a Silicon Valley startup concentrating on COPD treatment, has been exploring diverse AI and machine learning techniques to enhance its care.

Jack Po, CEO of Ansible and a former Google product manager, recalls the buzz surrounding ChatGPT when it first arrived; they wanted to find out if it was just hype or helpful.

Po and his team were surprised at what they found; not only did ChatGPT get the answers right, but it also provided detailed explanations.

Consequently, they decided to have ChatGPT take the USMLE, ensuring no answers, explanations, or related content were available on Google. They released their findings, which peers are currently reviewing.

AI in the Workplace

In recent years, the use of technology in the workplace has become increasingly popular. More businesses are turning to technological advancements to help drive productivity and efficiency.

This shift has been especially noticeable in communication and data storage, where incorporating digital tools has allowed for more streamlined operations.

Furthermore, technology’s reliance has enabled more remote working opportunities, which has increased the flexibility of the modern workplace.

Rapid Advancement

The way that technology has advanced so rapidly in recent times is fantastic.

It is truly astonishing how fast innovations have been developed and made available to the public.

From the introduction of the computer to the internet, technology has come a long way and continues to do so.

It is preferable to consider the armorers made in such a short period.

Is There an AI Doctor in the House?

To everyone’s astonishment, ChatGPT delivered such remarkable results without any prior training on a medical-related dataset.

It is worth noting that the research team decided to take out the “indeterminate” responses since it is thought that ChatGPT was set up not to issue any potentially construed medical guidance.

According to Morgan Cheatham, a co-author of the paper and current medical student attending Brown University who is also an investor at Bessemer Venture Partners, “It was hard to tell if those answers were accurate or not.”

It has been observed that an increase in technology has caused a decrease in face-to-face interaction.

This phenomenon results from people relying on digital communication rather than physical contact. As technology continues to improve, in-person interaction has become less and less necessary.

AI is Still Very Young

It is apparent that generative Artificial Intelligence is still in its beginnings; thus, for the time being, it will supplement medical work instead of substituting it.

  • Ansible employs ChatGPT to help patients understand specific ideas following an assessment by an experienced specialist.

Creating a successful business requires a lot of hard work and dedication. To become a successful entrepreneur, one must be willing to put in the effort and time necessary. It is important not to become discouraged and to stay focused on achieving success. Additionally, having a clear vision of what you want to accomplish is essential. Moreover, surrounding oneself with supportive people who share a similar vision is beneficial in the journey to success.

The Future of AI

What the future might hold: Eventually, this technology might be used for health screenings and other primary care duties.

  • As technology advances, the technology could include more than just textual information, such as vocal pitch, body language, and facial expressions.
  • This could be a great advantage, allowing doctors to access patients’ medical histories quickly without spending a long time sifting through records.

AI can be Wrong

It’s essential to be aware: People should not anticipate that machines will be able to diagnose patients independently in the near future. AI models like ChatGPT occasionally make decisions with assurance that ultimately prove to be wrong—a circumstance that could be hazardous when utilized in medical applications.

In Vijay Pande’s words: According to Pande, an investor in the healthcare sector with Andreessen Horowitz and an adjunct professor of bioengineering at Stanford University, we are entrenched in a 20-year process similar to what occurred in the financial realm.

In 2000, the concept of a computer outperforming a professional trader on Wall Street seemed implausible. Nowadays, it would be equally implausible for a master trader to beat a computer.

The conclusion: Many individuals turn to the internet for medical information; in the future, they could consult an AI system such as “Dr. ChatGPT” instead. As for us, we will be sticking with the results of our regular AO Scans. AO Scan does not rely on ChatGPT’s information to assess and compare; it only looks at YOUR real-time information and compares it against the values of others scanned.

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