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Hello AO Scan!

You were first on our horizon many years ago before being in the mobile AO Scan version came to Solex. We called you the AO Scan Digital Body Analyser. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to that technology eight years ago. I used it with clients and family with great success.

Here we are today, and I am still in awe of the AO Scan app version. The AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer was originally in a clunky laptop, and at $38K, it was much too expensive for the everyday wellness enthusiast.

Reflecting on this journey makes me realize how much our technology has developed and how blessed I am to be using the technology.

Hello, AO Scan App!

Are you tired of traditional health assessments that rely on outdated methods and technology? Look no further than the Solex AO Scan.

Did you know that the AO Scan can assess a body field:


Over a Smartphone

Through Quantum Physics Using Non-locality

What is Non-locality?

Non-locality refers to the idea that objects can be connected in ways that transcend traditional notions of time and space. – The AO Scan technology uses non-locality to assess your health and wellness from a distance, without physical contact or invasive procedures. It’s hard to comprehend or believe, but that’s how quantum physics usually is.

“Quantum Physics is so hard to comprehend that most quantum physicists don’t even understand it,” says AO Scan Expert Trainer Paige Maurer Wheeler.

The AO Scan’s revolutionary frequency technology can use a bone-conducting headset, a smartphone, or the principles of non-locality to assess your overall health and wellness. Three convenient options allow you to obtain personalized reports that can help you make informed decisions about your well-being. Buy a device today or Schedule a Scan.

More AO Scan Science

The AO Scan technology analyzes your body’s electromagnetic fields to detect patterns and anomalies, providing a comprehensive report on your health and wellness.

But how does this work? The AO Scan technology uses advanced algorithms and software to analyze your body’s electromagnetic fields.

It can identify potential health issues before they become more serious, providing valuable insight into one’s overall health and wellness.

And even more great news about our technology! The AO Scan technology is non-invasive, painless, and requires no radiation exposure.

What are the benefits of becoming a QLA AO Scan Solex?Life affiliate?

Let’s first answer the question,  “What is a QLA?” QLA stands for quantum living advocate, and it allows individuals to use and resell the technology to friends, family, clients, patients, or wellness colleagues.

  1. Affiliates who become AO Scan users can receive discounts and promotions on AO Scan devices and products. To qualify, affiliates must maintain an active subscription or place a qualifying order of Solex products and pay an annual $49 fee. That’s all it takes, and you can say goodbye to retail prices!
  2. I received FREE one-on-one introductory training. This is in addition to the plethora of free training available in the Solex back office and on the Solex LLC YouTube channel. This is only available for QLAs and Preferred Customers who purchase an AO Scan Device through this LINK.
  3. Affiliates can earn commission by referring others to the AO Scan technology. So, by working with and selling the AO Scan technology, you can “do well by doing good”.   The AO Scan technology is a powerful tool for improving your health and wellness, providing valuable insights to help you make informed decisions about your well-being. We hope you join our global team today.

In conclusion, the AO Scan Device –  Digital Scan represents the future of health and wellness. Albert Einstein knew this when he noted that The future of medicine would be the medicine of frequencies.”. By harnessing the AO Scan’s ease and convenience, this revolutionary technology offers a non-invasive, comprehensive health and wellness assessment. Join the Solex.Life affiliate team and become an AO Scan user today. Your well-being will thank you.

Want to know more about the AO Scan Mobile Technology? We gladly offer FREE DEMOs to all wellness professionals. CONTACT US

Be Well & Do Good Things

Privacy Policy


Due to a lack of scientific evidence in the sense of TRADITIONAL medicine, science and conventional medicine do not recognise the existence of energetic/information fields, their analysis and harmonization, as well as their usefulness in medicine and other areas. No disease or medical condition is meant to be treated, mitigated, diagnosed, or prevented by the AO Scan system. It is instead designed to provide the user the choice to take information from information fields into account, even in the context of a holistic view, in order to attempt and derive useful information from them if necessary. Here, neither representative data nor data with scientific validation should be taken for granted. In light of this, each user should experiment to determine whether or not the program is useful to them based on their individual experiences. The terminology used in the databases and modules are not effects statements, they have not been examined by a recognized body, and they are not a part of the MDD/conformity MDR’s assessment process. The AO Scan system should only ever be used in line with the Instruction for Use and within the bounds of one’s professional practice, license, or certification. The usage of the AO Scan system shouldn’t be viewed as a replacement for a doctor’s independent judgment, diagnosis, and therapy selection. The therapist is always in charge of providing the proper diagnosis and treatment. The goal is to give the user a tool for potential application evaluation and trial, but it cannot take the place of a doctor. Always question the data from the AO Scan system critically, and if necessary, run it through additional tests. The body’s energy field is transient and ever-changing. Solex// Scan products, programs, and information are used at the user’s own risk, discretion, and independent judgment. SolexLife/Solex/AO Scan firms expressly disclaim liability for any user choices about the use of Solex/AO Scan goods or services outside the bounds of the manual.

Hello Wellness Wonder,

I am Paige Maurer Wheeler, a Solex AO SCAN Global Team Leader and an Independent Quantum Living Advocate, and I am not Solex LLC

I teach and train all things Solex AO Scan Technology.  I hope you consider joining my global team of doctors, health practitioners, and wellness enthusiasts. Join with me today, and I will have you scanning successfully tomorrow!

Be Well & Do Good Things