AO Scan Can Tell You Things Your Pet Cannot

Solex.Life Team

AO Pet Scan

All animals, including our sweet pets, have an instinctual desire to conceal signs of illness.

A masked sign of illness is essential for survival in the wild.  There is no masking in the case of the AO Scan.

This type of animal behavior is also crucial for preventing rejection and preserving their social harmony.

We rely on symptoms that we can see and hear such as vomiting and diarrhea, limping, and abnormal vocalization like whining or crying.

The symptoms we cannot readily identify are certainly part of the picture.

The Solex AO Pet Scan is a education and communication tool that was specifically created to assist us in detecting any imbalances our pets might be experiencing.

Listen here to Loran Swensen speaking about the AO Pet Scan.

The AO Pet Scan is included in the $149 a month subscription that give you unlimited scans and optimizations for human and animals.

It was designed to provide us with an easy method to identify any imbalances we may be seeing.

We are seeing amazing results with our AO Scan Pet scans.

We look forward to our more robust pet platform as we continue to add to it.

This is a tool that will be appropriate for any veterinarian office or individual owning any pet.

We cannot wait to scan your dog, cat, horse, cow, goat, rodent…

Did we mention that these scans are non-invasive and there are not contraindications?

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