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The Pursuit of Health 

People try to eat well to receive the nutrients and energy they require in their pursuit of optimal health.

The issue is that food isn’t as nutritious as it once was.

Even whole, organic foods are frequently grown in mineral- and microbial-depleted soil. In addition, your patients’ diets and environments may contain chemicals that harm their mitochondria.

For instance, glyphosate is a typical herbicide used to destroy weeds. But it has been demonstrated that glyphosate binds and lowers amounts of mineral nutrients from the soil

Your patient’s body is forced to work harder to get rid of these toxins because they are present in the environment.

Because of this, your patient will have little time and money to devote to the detoxification process.

Fortunately, nature offers everyone an elegant yet straightforward solution to this contemporary dilemma.

The term for it is Carbon Technology.

A creation of nature is carbon technology. The simplest explanation is that carbon is able to create and maintain life in a cell.

Here are 10 reasons why patients can improve their detox and health routines with Carbon Technology.

1. originates in nature

When attempting to nourish your patient’s body, carbon definitely isn’t the first item that comes to mind. However, it serves as the core of life. No one would exist without it.

When ancient plant matter is broken down into extremely nutrient-rich dirt by billions of helpful bacteria in the presence of oxygen, carbon technology is created.

It has extracts of fulvic and humic acids from plants, which are vital for good health.

Carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen make up the components of these highly energetic molecules.

The same three substances also make up roughly 96% of the body.

Although the “ingredients” appear straightforward, the Carbon Technology’s parts have a very distinct and intricate structure.

In fact, Mother Nature created them so meticulously that chemists are unable to create them.

Additionally, these substances contain anti-pathogenic qualities that have developed over time.

Therefore, Carbon Technology might aid your patient in their own battle with diseases.


It is comparable to a mother giving her kid immune-boosting colostrum at the beginning of breastfeeding.

In essence, nature provided mankind with the best means for great health.

One of the most significant medical discoveries in history is the discovery of these carbons from Mother Nature.

2. Feeds the Microbiome

Technology based on carbon is rich in nutrients that support life. Its complex structure includes the following:

more than 60 minerals and trace elements

Acids Amino


Scavengers of free radicals


Organic antibiotics

organic antivirals

Organic fungicides

Hyperoxide dismutase

Carbon Technology is hundreds of times smaller than a human cell but contains all of these nutrients.

The nutrients are on nanoparticles, which are small enough to pass right through the body’s cells.

These carbons also have the ability to boost the body’s enzyme activity.

Enzyme levels drop with aging and illness.

This special carbon mixture aids in fending off harmful elements and can help your patient make better use of the nutrients in food, herbs, and supplements.

Even the beneficial bacteria that are a component of the microbiome in your patient’s gut are fed by the nutrients in Carbon Technology.

This is one more way it might promote health.

3. Explores the Body

The areas where the body requires it in order to be helpful. This is true for both nourishing and detoxifying the body.

The fact that carbon technology is available in a range of sizes makes it special. Small, medium, and big chain carbon molecules are among them.  This makes it simple for them to move around the body to where they are required.

Here is how the body uses these various sizes:

Stay in the digestive tract, large chain

Medium chain: Enter structures like bones, muscles, and nerves after passing through the gut wall.

Small chain: Can penetrate cells and even the blood-brain barrier in order to reach the brain.

Small and midsize chains have particularly outstanding mobility.

The tiny chains, for instance, might aid in the removal of toxic substances from the brain.

They can also spot aberrant cell forms there and assist in breaking them down. This might be advantageous for diseases like Alzheimer’s. (17)

The digestive tract is the only place where binders like bentonite clay and activated charcoal may travel.

This is due to the fact that they exclusively contain lengthy carbon chains.

4. Detoxifies Successfully

Carbon technology aids the body.

The body requires assistance in detoxifying poisons.

Activated charcoal and bentonite clay are two common old-school toxin binders.

Toxin binding with carbon technology is substantially more effective. This is in part because it has better body navigation. Because it is a “unspent” or energized carbon, it is also more efficient.

The traditional binders, however, are created from “spent” carbon.

“Unspent” refers to Carbon Technology’s increased ability to bind.

It resembles a bus that is waiting to pick up a full busload of passengers. In comparison, activated charcoal is like a bus with a full load of passengers.

Simply put, it is unable to carry as many passengers or contaminants. in eliminating:

toxic concentrations of heavy metals, such as mercury and cadmium

contaminants in the environment, such as pesticides and herbicides

parasites and other microorganisms that emit poisons

the body’s own cellular functions can produce toxins.

Cell Core’s Carbon Technology’s humic and fulvic acid extracts have a remarkable capacity to absorb a wide range of pollutants.

Adsorption describes how the toxins cling to the carbon’s surface, allowing the body to expel them.

Given that every poison has an own energy signature or form, this ability to bind a wide range of toxins is no small accomplishment.

Here, Carbon Technology’s many sizes are useful.

Carbon Technology also includes a variety of sizes and structures within the small, medium, and giant chains.

It is the best binder because of this.

Imagine it as being considerably more sophisticated than a toddler’s shape-sorting toy with slots for circles, triangles, and squares.

Each toxin locates a location where it can be eliminated. This is a significant benefit when detoxifying.

Patients must cleanse their bodies of the numerous poisons that cause inflammation and disease in order to achieve optimum health.

Their cellular functions and mitochondria are disrupted by such poisons. Even the expression of their genes can be altered.

5.  Minerals in Balance

Organic minerals that are highly bioavailable are abundant in carbon technology. Thus, they are easily absorbed and utilized by the body.

Although your patients may take supplements or eat foods containing minerals, occasionally their bodies do not properly absorb or use these nutrients.

Minerals can be dissolved using carbon technology so that your patient’s cells can use them. It makes everything it bonds with more active.

Furthermore, it remains active longer in the body because of the large concentration of energetic carbons in it. Your patients will have more time to absorb its minerals and other nutrients thanks to this.

Most amazingly, it may bind and carry away minerals your patient doesn’t require in addition to providing them for them. Whatever each cell requires for stability is done by it. This aids in maintaining the proper mineral balance in your patient’s body.

For instance, your patient could be worried about consuming too much iron or copper, as too much of either can be hazardous.

Your patient will only receive the necessary amount of these minerals thanks to Carbon Technology.

6. Increases Cell Power

The human body is primarily electric. The balance and movement of electrical charges determine whether someone will live or die. Voltage is the name for this electrical charge.

All chronic illnesses share an inadequate voltage. It makes it challenging for the organs of your patient to eliminate poisons. It is also the cause of suffering.

Carbons are supercharged polyelectrolytes that have the ability to supply or take electrons, which are negatively charged particles. They have the ability to alter the voltage of the cells and the surrounding fluid, much like an electrician.

20 to 25 millivolts is the operating range for a healthy cell in the body. This indicates that it can release up to 25 electrons. However, if a cell loses too many electrons, it starts to act abnormally and cannot recover from damage.

Using carbon technology, more than 100,000 electrons can be lost. As a result, it can aid in maintaining the proper charge of your patient’s cells, which encourages healing.

7. Maintains Mitochondria

Your patients’ oxygen level rises when they increase the voltage of their cells, such as by consuming Carbon Technology. This enables the mitochondria to function at their best and generate more ATP, or energy.

More energy enables the cells to operate more efficiently and to better replace worn-out or damaged cells.

Carbon technology, for instance, can boost cells’ metabolic activity.

This includes enhancing protein metabolism, which contributes to DNA and RNA production and has an impact on the development of new cells.

Cells are continually destroyed and replaced by the body.

For instance, the small intestine’s cells undergo replacement every 4-5 days.

Healthy cell turnover aids in healing and lowers the risk of developing chronic diseases.

Activated charcoal, on the other hand, is a type of “spent” carbon that does not aid in the tissue repair of your patient.

Additionally, they are unable to charge the mitochondria to produce more ATP. Simply put, they don’t have a lot of life.

8. Composed of Antioxidants

Antioxidant carbon compounds are supercharged in carbon technology.

As a result, it can help prevent oxidative cell damage in your patient’s cells, lowering the risk of disease.

A molecule loses an electron during the natural chemical process of oxidation, which causes it to become unstable.

The term “free radical” refers to this unstable molecule. Stealing an electron is one of its attempts to achieve balance once more.

Free radicals frequently attack people’s cells.

In order to get the electrons they require, these unstable molecules bully nearby cells.

A cell sustains damage as a result of the process of robbing its electrons.

Free radicals are defended from cells by carbon technology. In order to prevent the free radical from stealing an electron from the healthy cells, it donates an electron.

Additionally, it is distinct in that it maintains stability while donating an electron.

As a result, carbon is one of the strongest antioxidants found in nature.

Superoxide dismutase, an antioxidant enzyme, is also abundant in Carbon Technology (SOD). SOD is produced by the body, but with age, this may decrease.

SOD aids in cell toxicity protection. In addition to supporting other organs, it also supports cardiovascular health.

9. Works Permanently

Supplements made with carbon technology can both remove waste that your patient’s body needs to get rid of and replenish what it lacks.

Carbon Technology ultimately assists the body in regaining equilibrium and repairing the damage.

This does not overwork the body’s system; it merely supports it gently.

Therefore, without a break, your patients can use any Carbon Technology product for a long time. That might hasten their recovery.

Because humic and fulvic acids naturally contain trace amounts of heavy metals rather than toxic levels of heavy metals, they are nontoxic and safe to consume.

On the other hand, traditional binders like bentonite clay and activated charcoal can stress the body.

Sometimes they bind things that they shouldn’t, and the body receives nothing in return.

People need to occasionally take a break from old-school binders because they demand too much of their users without being replenished.

The process of achieving ideal health is slowed by this.

10. Absorbs Quickly

If any of your patients have ever taken binders like bentonite clay or activated charcoal, you are aware of how difficult it can be to schedule when they should take them.

Your patients must take activated charcoal or bentonite clay on an empty stomach because they have the potential to absorb anything in their path.

If people don’t do this, these antiquated binders in the gut can latch onto nutrients from food, supplements, and herbs. They won’t benefit from these nutrients because they will lose them in their stools.

Cell Core’s Carbon Technology binders make scheduling easy. Patients can take it either with food or away from food. It doesn’t matter.

This is because it’s so selective in what it binds. It only binds the toxins patients are trying to eliminate.

Moreover, this can be taken either in capsules, via dropper, or by emptying the contents into water or another beverage.

This is helpful if your patients have trouble swallowing pills or want to adjust the dose. Carbon Technology is a very fine powder that dissolves quickly and easily.

It doesn’t have much of a flavor, so it goes down easily.

One of Cell Core’s binders even comes in powdered form. Carboxy is highly concentrated, pure carbon that can be taken with water easily.

Taking old-school binders in water is much trickier. They don’t dissolve well and have stronger tastes.

The Great Multitasker

Carbon Technology is kind of like a garbage truck, food delivery van, and electrician all in one.

It could support your patient’s health in numerous ways. It’s the ultimate, user-friendly binder that people can take when it’s convenient, rather than carefully timed around an empty stomach.

What’s more, it can enter the far corners of the body to clear out numerous types of toxins.

At the same time, Carbon Technology gives the body nutrients it lacks and helps keep the minerals in the body in balance. It can travel from cell to cell, delivering what’s needed for ultimate repair.

It also can donate electrons to supercharge cells and promote healing.

Cell Core Biosciences’ multiple Carbon Technology supplements are available in different forms and formulated with specific minerals and herbs, each targeting the body’s needs for effective detoxing and healing.

Almost all of Cell Core products (except for Para 1, Para 3, and the Immune Tinctures) contain Carbon Technology to support the delivery of essential ingredients to arrive where they are intended for patients’ overall health.

A good starting point binder is BioToxin Binder, which primarily helps detox environmental toxins and parasites. For a more intensive mold detox product, check out Carboxy, available in a powdered form.

HM-ET Binder removes the toxic levels of heavy metals and environmental toxins. “HM” stands for “Heavy Metal” and “ET” comes from “Environmental Toxins.”

As a true chelator, ViRadChem Binder targets viruses, retroviruses, radiation, and chemical toxins directly into the cell, as well as restores cellular function.

Have you encouraged your patients to start taking advantage of the benefits of Carbon Technology? If you are an AO Scan wellness practitioners seeing clients  with decreased energy, Cell Core Bioscience would be a good first step.

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