AO Scan, Dental, TMJ, Homeo-Energetix Training Available

Solex.Life Team

We’ve had a crazy number of exciting surprises at Solex this week!



Phase 3 Training

For those who missed it, Solex University Phase 3 has officially launched! This course unlocks new additions to the scanner such as the full database Comprehensive Scan, Homeo-Energetix, Dental, TMJ, AO Functional Infrared, and MORE. With the completion of Phases 1, 2 & 3, the entirety of the big $30,000 scanner is yours!


Negative Ion Power Patches

Negative Ion Power Patches are also redesigned and back in stock! Enjoy the benefits of Black Tourmaline and Si Bin wherever your patches are placed. Also, if you haven’t heard, the purchase of any product (in the month of December) that is physically shipped will include a fun, free surprise from Solex!


Have a wonderful weekend, Solex Nation!


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