AO Scan for Pets by Loran Swensen (transcribed)

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AO Scan for Pets

AO Scan for Pets by Loran Swensen (transcribed) 

Hey guys it’s Wednesday night we promise you a big update and tonight’s the app that update the update is the AO scan pet scan is now live well it will be tonight by the end of this call you’ll be able to go on to your scan and actually scan your pets is that cool we’ve been working on this for a little over well even before and then things in the future we’ll be able to add more of those animals as we get more information on their physiology and that stuff but for these three they’re live tonight on vitals and comprehensive will be following within the next couple weeks this is for us super exciting let me just show you a little bit so take a look at your screen now your pets remember when you load in your pets now I already have a few in here so let’s just pick one but if you didn’t have your pets in yet you’d hit the little plus symbol and then up would come this screen here now you’ll notice those of you have done it before it’s different

if I select dogs it will give me a drop-down menu of over 230 species of dogs

and I can put those in and once you’ve loaded those in you’ve taken their picture you put in their birthday you’ve given the the your animal or your pet the name and the pet ID number that’s really important it’s either on the little blue tag on their collar or the new callers where it’s embedded in that came with your package the pet ID number once you’ve got that in you sign it now the pet picture is important we’ve been able to eliminate the necessity a necessity of having a picture for the humans in the scan but for pets we do they’re not worried about facial recognition but they do we do need that here cuz that helps us make a better profile for your pet so you put that in and you save it and now we’ve got that in once your pets are loaded in then you would go back to your main menu and click on vitals?

The same thing as we have on the on the SEFI  page you have the scan Target in other words who are we scanning now.  The software will always default to your profile the one at the top. 

In this case we’re going to we’re going to scan happy our dog so I would click on Happy and up comes the scan and you’ll notice happy picture is there in the in the Target and I’d run the scan now you can see we have the representation of happy as it goes through a scan. Those are almost the same for all mammals okay but the dogs the cats and the horses and the humans are slightly different there are things that are different or eliminated in pets that we would have to have in our humans or vice versa so these have been designed based on the species but let me just show you the different images and then when you do the optimization you’re going to see the same type of a thing happening in optimization you’ll see the representation of the animal or the pet that you’re working with so this is your new pet scan update I hope you’re as excited about it as we are cuz we are stoked and it’s going to get better and we just want to throw out 

a big thank you to the veterinarians to put this together and to help refine this the scan is going to help you understand better your pets. How  you can maybe change diets for them or  know when they’re not feeling so well.

now one that I do want to mention is this does not have an inner voice like we do for for people we can’t capture the pets voice enough to get their data we don’t have enough data on their voices to make a very comprehensive voice balancing harmonic for your pets your dogs your hat cats and horses that is based on the vital scan and so they’ll be able to listen to those balancing harmonics based on what we were able to ascertain from the vitals instead of their voice because we can’t capture the voice are going to help us refine this even better just like your comments for the human scan have helped us make the AO scan what it is today and with your feedback letting us know how your pets are responding and how how much more your pet’s lives are being enhanced by this is helpful for us so just like with people.

Keep your eye out for additional technology for your pets. More Solex technology is  on the way and well suited for veterinarians to aid their diagnosis.