AO Scan Frequency Playlists for November

Solex.Life Team

November is here and so is the first snowfall in many parts of the United States. ❄️

What a wonderful season we’re in, with so many opportunities for gratitude, love, and celebration! Today, we are excited to focus on a 7-day well-being challenge to kick off the new month. Whether these holiday months are a time of bliss for you, a time of processing and mending, or a mixture of both, we hope you will customize and use this challenge to recenter and refocus on what matters most.

November Frequency Playlists for You and Your Clients

Take some time today to create the below custom frequency playlist. Take time out for yourself and your clients and play these on broadcast mode whenever your AO Scan device is not being used. This is gift you can continue to shere with others throughout the entire season.


1️⃣ Monday Playlist: Education Day – Learn Something New! 📒✏️
• Concentration, Determination & Finish (QR)
• Creativity (QR)
• Accelerated Learning (QA)
• Super Memory (QA)
• Crown Chakra (CH)

2️⃣ Tuesday Playlist: Excercise & Physical Health Day 🏄🏽‍♂️🚣🏻‍♂️
• Energy (QR)
• Pain Free, Healing & Stamina (QR)
• Muscle Strain (QF)
• Back Stiff (QF)
• Cramps (QF)
• Weight Control (QF)

3️⃣ Wednesday Playlist: Hurdle Day – Work Through an Issue That’s Bringing You Down 😢💪🏼
• Confidence, Self Esteem & Love
• Determination (QR)
• Fears (QF)
• Mood Support (QA)
• Wild Oat (QLF)

4️⃣ Thursday Playlist: Hobby Day – Do Something That Brings You Joy! 🐝🏓
• Focus (QR)
• Successful (QR)
• Energy Boost (QA)
• Self Confidence – Self Esteem (QA)
• Third Eye Chakra (CH)

5️⃣ Friday Playlist: Mental Health Day 🫂⭐
• Love (QR)
• Stress Free (QR)
• Dreams (QF)
• Mental Irritability (QF)
• Depression (QA)
• Root Chakra (CH)

6️⃣ Saturday Playlist: Social Connection Day – Make a Friend or Be a Friend 👫📱
• Integrity (QR)
• Love, Forgiveness & Gratitude (QR)
• Anxiety (QA)
• Relationship Enhancement (QA)
• Heart Chakra (CH)
• Impatiens (QLF)

7️⃣ Sunday Playlist: Recharge Day – Do Something That Brings You Peace 😴💅🏼
• Breathe Free (QR)
• Inner Peace (QR)
• Irritability (QF)
• Mastering Stress (QA)
• Clematis (QFL)

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*AO Scan Technology is not a medical device. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”