AO Scan Inner Voice Gets Reboot

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AO Scan Update:  Inner Voice Scan

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Let’s Go Inner Voice

The  AO Scan Inner voice just got more efficient !  Thank you Loran Swensen & the wonderful development team at Solex for always providing us with great updates.

We love our customized Inner Voice brainentrainment files & the accompanying report.

Listening to these tunes on a regular basis will help move emotional mountains……. which in turn, help move physical mountains.

AO Scan Inner Voice New Functionality

Now AO Scan can et your brain entrainment done in 3 minutes.

Listeners can also enjoy more varieties of music, set different pulse rates, adjust wave frequencies and experience different cycles!

Or, users can listen to the Inner Voice files prior to  the update.

The Inner Voice also  now tells you your average frequency and pulse!

See diagram to better understand these new changes.


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