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AO Scan Dental Scan May Help you Decide to Remove Your Metal / Mercury Fillings

Very recently, Solex AO Scan mobile added a Phase 3 training that unlocks the frequency dental scan on its platform.

The dental and TMJ scans on this platform are a biological dentist’s dream.

This is the latest and greatest – a non-invasive way that has no contraindications that allows you to understand what is going on in and around each tooth.

Check with a local biological dentist and see if they are using AO Scan technology yet. If not, you may contact us and purchase the technology yourself.

Did you know we will sell you the same exact technology that doctors and dentists are using?  Its amazing.

Keep an eye out for more dental information on our blog as we continue to evolve. For now, we will be talking about things that are HOT TOPICS in the dental industry, like metal fillings.

Analyzing the Possible Benefits of Removing Metal Fillings

We are now aware that metal tooth fillings are hazardous.

They are usually referred to as silver, metal, or mercury fillings, and the latter is known to contain toxic levels of mercury.

Despite claims of them being safe, many dentists still utilize them.

The truth is, if you chew, eat, or drink something hot, then the mercury will start to leech from your mouth into your organs.

For those who grind their teeth, this is particularly concerning.

You’re Not Alone

It is evident that more and more individuals are conscious of the potential risks of silver fillings and are scheduling appointments to have them removed.

To ensure the safe removal of these fillings, it is essential to visit a holistic dentist who can apply the appropriate safety protocols, thus avoiding potential mercury exposure.

After having fillings taken out, it’s essential to find a qualified practitioner to help with the expulsion of heavy metals from the body

Chelation therapy or chlorella by themselves may not be sufficient, and may even interfere with the nervous system and digestion.

Why should this be a concern? Can’t the body naturally eliminate mercury? It’s important to make certain that the process is being monitored.

Heavy Metals Processed Differently in the Body

Contrary to what you may think, your body does not process metals in the same way as other minerals.

In fact, the body perceives them as toxins, which can interfere with the thyroid’s normal functioning and decrease the absorption of other minerals.

Thus, while removing the fillings may stop any further poisoning, it does not undo the damage already done to the organs and tissue.

Heavy Metal Build Up

When metals become too abundant, the body is unable to absorb the necessary minerals.

Everyone requires different minerals depending on their body. There is no universal program that works for everyone as it is distinct to each individual.

Therefore, it is essential to seek help from a professional to remove the mercury from your system, as well as to identify which minerals your body needs for it to perform optimally.

Metal Detox Process

It is essential to take something to help restore your parotid glands.

These glands are situated on either side of your jaw and their malfunction oftentimes is linked to grinding issues.

The parotid glands secrete enzymes that enable your body to resist chemicals and metals, and if they have been subjected to toxic metals over them for a long time, they may not work properly.

Without assistance, they will not just return to working as usual because in numerous cases, there has been a prolonged period of being overwhelmed by the mercury in the fillings.

More Problems with Metal in the Mouth

If the aforementioned issues are not dealt with correctly, it can lower your immunity and make you more prone to various illnesses, such as fungal (candida) infections, which have an affinity for metals.

Furthermore, you could acquire bacteria and viruses more easily due to the weakened immune system from the parotid gland malfunction. Something else this is connected to are – you guessed it – ALLERGIES!

AO Scan Shows Allergies & Sensitivities

An allergy is a result of an “inflamed immune response”.

When the body is inundated with poisonous metals and chemicals, and the parotid glands can’t keep up with repelling these toxins, the immune system becomes inflamed and allergies develop.

Attempts to take minerals to counter this situation are fruitless, as the body will just excrete them, thinking it doesn’t need them!

You should be proactive about your health, not waiting until the damage is done and it’s too late for answers.

Visit to locate a holistic dentist in your area.

The key to restoring your health lies in addressing the cause, not just the symptoms.

Dental Resources

For individuals looking to get the most out of their dental care, the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) provides guidance.

IAOMT is a nonprofit organization of dental, medical, and research professionals that are committed to raising the standards of scientific biocompatibility and bio-integrity in healthcare.

Through its members, the IAOMT provides patients with the necessary information to make informed decisions about their dental health.

Patients can access information on topics such as mercury-free dentistry, dental implants, and the dangers of amalgam fillings.

With the IAOMT’s help, patients can be sure to receive the highest quality of care.

Removing Mercury Filings

Does mercury continually come up on your Vital Scan, Body System Scan or Inner Voice Scan.  If yes, pay close attention to patterns so you can start the removal process.  Haven’t had a scan?

Ask about a free demo

If you keep seeing mercury on your scans, then a biological dentist can provide some helpful information on the topic.

It is important to consider all factors before making a decision, as there are potential risks associated with removing the fillings. Evaluating the pros and cons can help you make an informed decision.

See what naturopaths and biological dentists with the AO Scan. Would you like more information on the AO Scan mobile? Message us or if you are ready to BUY, we are read to assist you.

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