AO Scan & NES Health BioEnergetics

Solex.Life Team

AO Scan Technology is the perfect complement to any supplement, tincture, food, therapy, biohacking idea etc.

Watch how easily one can scan a NES BioEnergetics energy water into the AO Scan device.

Hey NES Practitioners, pay attention to this!

Uploading all 82 of the NES  energized waters will allow AO Scan users to compare the energy waters against any body field at any given time.

A scan of this sort takes just seconds and will provide the user with the list of the top 6 recommended from the list of 82 waters  This completely takes the guess work out of what waters would work best with ones own body at a particular time.

Most of our AO Scan practitioners  / users are currently doing this with their daily supplements, but we find this to be working extremely well with targeted lines of supplements that are more of a regiment type of product. We have found that creating a separate category for something like NES, or even Cell Core Bioscience help the user get to the fix faster!. Don’t know about our technology? we would love the opportunity to tell you more. What are you doing with your AO Scan device? I Best to reach us by filling out the Contact Form.

This is yet another reason why the AO Scan is an integral part of any holistic healthcare practice.

Reach out to us. We would love to tell you about our amazing AO Scan technology.

Be well & do good things!