AO Scan Often Shows Copper is Out of Range

Solex.Life Team

Copper is  one of the many values we look at in our AO Vital Scan. Below is some great information on copper for AO Practitioners to  enjoy.

Copper is one of the many values Copper is required for the growth and development of fetuses, infants, and children in our bodies. It is responsible for the steady construction and maintenance of bone, connective tissue, brain, heart, and other organs that adults need in both small and large quantities. Aside from bone, the other organs Copper is involved in include connective tissue, brain, heart, and other organs. Copper is involved in many facets of the body. It plays a role in establishing erythrocytes, absorbing and utilizing iron, and synthesizing and releasing proteins and enzymes.

Copper also controls nerve function, clotting, and oxygen uptake. When copper deficiency is present, numerous problems can arise. We know that copper is part of the body’s function, which includes performing properly, maintaining a balanced metabolism, and supporting strong and healthy bones. A the copper deficiency situation will be serious and may even be life-threatening.

Copper Fun Facts:  There is a significant amount of copper in liver.  Find a great liver recipe or look at a desiccated liver supplement.  Additionally, check out these unique AETHEION skincare products that contain a special form of copper. The video below will surely want you trying one of these new products.

Wonder if your copper levels and other microminerals are out of range? Contact us to learn more about the AO Scan Technology.  In just minutes a practitioner can generate reports for any body.  Contact us for more information.