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Benefits, costs, and Expectations of Biological Dentistry

*Since this original post, we have seen a large number of dentist choosing to use alternative methods in conjunction with their traditional practice. Kudos to you who have started to make the shift! Ready to start using the AO Scan technology in your clinic?

Strangely, dental school and dental insurance are entirely independent. Biological dentistry attempts to bridge that gap, even when insurance companies stand in the way.

Biological dentistry is a cutting-edge approach to oral and whole-body health, promoting prevention and conservative treatment methods. Because of its aggressive approach, it eschews toxic substances, invasive procedures, and overeager pharmaceuticals.

Biological dentists can help you stop diseases from developing or progressing by using lifestyle changes and non-pharmaceutical treatments. They also treat less understood systemic diseases rooted in poor oral health.

Biological dentists pay greater attention to the mouth-body connection than conventional dentists. The mouth-body connection is that oral and overall health are inseparably linked.

It is peculiar that dental school is entirely disconnected from medical school and that dental insurance is separate from medical insurance. Biological dentistry attempts to bridge that gap, regardless of insurance policies.

What is the connection between the mouth and the body?

The connection between your oral health and your whole-body health is undeniable.

A substantial proportion of American adults suffer from gum disease, one of the most severe root causes of chronic inflammation, even if the inflammation is manageable, such as gingivitis. These high but sporadic levels of inflammation can seriously impact your health. Moreover, gum disease is associated with a range of illnesses, from diabetes to Alzheimer’s disease.

It’s not hard to see how these connections work: the mouth controls the body, just as the foot controls the leg.

Dr. Gerry Curatola created this term – he even wrote a book on it.

Why You Should Choose a Biological Dentist

What are the top nine reasons to choose a biological dentist over a conventional dentist?

Mercury levels are now reduced to safe levels.

Biological dentists are mercury-free and mercury-safe. Although mercury toxicity has been linked to autoimmunity, AlAlzheimer’sisease, autism spectrum disorders, miscarriage, multiple sclerosis, and more, that does not mean that mercury is safe.

Dentists commonly use mercury in people, but conventional dentists don’t know them as “s” over “r” fillings” “r “A “al” “m fillings” “because they contain 50% mercury by weight. Mercury—as in the toxic heavy metal—makes up the rest.

Mercury fillings are used in the US for 150 years before switching to Mercury Mercury fillings.

At that time, only one United States dental association endorsed the view that using mercury fillings was a “m” practice” “ct.”

“Since then, the American Dental Association (ADA) has defended the harmful use of mercury fillings, even though mercury exposure poses dangerous health risks for many people.

Mercury fillings are also referred to as:

Although biological dentists know that many individuals have adverse reactions to mercury in their mouths, especially those who grind their teeth or are exposed to other heavy metals through their job, they still use amalgam because these fillings are often the single most considerable mercury burden for those who have them.

Whether you want to keep your mercury fillings or have them removed, a biological dentist will talk to you about the pros and cons of amalgam removal. It is important to note that mercury is most dangerous when a dental filling is being put in and removed. It may be safer to leave the fillings in in some cases.

Biological dentists use biocompatible materials for cavity fillings.


BiBioIt’scalentists rarely use fluoride because robust research shows that fluoride is a neurotoxin when consumed.

Since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) declared fluoridation of public water one of the twentieth century’s most outstanding public health achievements, acute and chronic fluoride toxicity has become an issue in the United States.

Several studies suggest that children whose mothers drink fluoridated water have lower IQs. Fluoride consumption in a pregnant mother may increase the risk of autism or ADHD in the child.

Fluoride poisoning symptoms include:

Biological dentists are aware that fluoridation is controversial. Though it may not result in noticeable symptoms in everyone, some people should not use fluoridated water or fluoride toothpaste because of that.

There appears to be preliminary evidence that hydroxyapatite toothpaste can remineralize teeth similar to fluoride but without the potential negative consequences!

*We have found a personal liking for two kinds of toothpaste: Boka and Prebiotic Silver. They have worked wonders for us!

The only requirement for avoiding tooth decay is to regularly brush your teeth with an antibacterial toothpaste and periodically floss your teeth with a healthful, biodegradable, low-sugary floss.

Be more concerned about the whole body’s health, not just the muscles.

A biological dentist cares about how oral health affects the whole person and how whole-body health affects your oral health.

There is no clear cause of dental cavities. Still, biological dentists know they are hard to detect and are physically far from the afflicted area, so they check for cavitations when suspected.

According to scientific dentistry, gum disease can partly cause heart disease. But biological dentistry goes further.

Everyone should consider the connection between poor oral health and every other form of illness. Many excuse it as a consequence of their dental health being unimportant to their overall health.

Biological dentists look for the direct connection between poor oral and whole-body health.

Pay more attention to prevention.

Biological dentists are dedicated to the prevention of oral health issues, as well as whole-body health issues.

These dentists identify risk factors and treat oral health issues using conservative methods before they become big troubles requiring undesirable procedures.

Biological dentists believe proper nutrition, smoking cessation, and oral health habits are all needed to prevent tooth decay. Conventional dentists usually do not advise patients to put fluoride on a tooth to treat a cavity since they believe it would make the decay quicker. The best strategy for biological dentists is to combat disease before it spreads.

Most Common and Least Invasive

Biological dentists favor the most organic treatments and the least invasive ones.

A biocompatible dentist works only with dental materials that do not cause tooth or whole-body health problems.

Although mercury does not naturally occur in your mouth, fluoride is commonly ingested worldwide. Many biological dentists avoid dental care products containing chemicals and toxins because of their fluoride content.

More Reasons to Love Biological Dentists

A biological dentistry emphasis on detoxification is one of the reasons why natural dietary supplements may improve oral health and, consequently, the entire body.

Biological dentists are aware that invasive dental procedures may be traumatic, so they may avoid root canals rather than perform them.

Biomedical dental procedures may utilize novel technologies such as state-of-the-art lasers and ozone therapy, which are noninvasive and non-traumatic.

Biological dentists tend to avoid root canals unless necessary. They prefer extracting the tooth and then implanting a metal-free, allergy-free replacement.

A root canal treatment (RCT) removes, cleans, and seals a totooth’sulp (living part).

Technical advances have made viable, noninvasive, less traumatic, and less painful alternative root canals noninvasive for 200 years.

A dentist may over-prescribe root canal “j “st to be safe” “r because it is covered by dental insurance.

A tooth abscess can form following a root canal and destroy tooth structure.

Biological dentists don’t usually perform root canal procedures because they are invasive, traumatic, and painful and can damage tooth structures.

A tooth extraction is better than a root canal procedure for removing a cavity or infection deep in the tooth.

Extracting the tooth, then replacing it with a:

Biocompatibility testing for dental materials ensures they are safe and do not harm patients.

Biological dentists may test biocompatible material for dental fillings and veneers, especially Crowns and Bridges.

Patients must be informed that any new material used in dental fillings should be safe for the patient’s well-being.

A patient’s immune system may perceive a dental material as a foreign body that must be fought, potentially leading to immune dysfunction. Sometimes, this patient’s unique chemistry is compatible with certain dental materials.

A dental material’s compatibility with each patient is often tested using muscle response, skin response, and blood tests. It’s Ricky if the material is not tested.

The importance of diet and nutritional therapy is emphasized in biological dentistry.

These dentists believe that having a well-informed patient is a healthier patient. (And) The more their patient knows about the connection between nutrition and oral health (and overall well-being), the less likely that patient will develop a dental emergency.

Our dietary habits significantly impact inflammation, gut health (and immune system), and oral microbiota.

Oral health is linked to six nutrition tips:

9. ozone therapy.

Ozone (O3) is permitted for disinfection and repairing the immune system. In addition, more proteins and red blood cells are produced when ozone comes into contact with blood, which increases your oxygen supply.

Ozone therapy can also reduce chronic inflammation, essential for a healthy immune system.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns against purchasing “one air purifier “because ground ozone is classified as an air pollutant.

According to the ethics of a biological dentist, ozone is a safe and effective way to treat dental blemishes.

Traditional vs. Biological vs. Functional Dentistry

A biological dentist uses words such as ‘d’ntists” “r ‘d’namic’ ‘o describe their actions. These words are used in different ways to describe the same thing.

The term biological dentistry is used interchangeably by scientists, but it means slightly different things, as listed:

Biological dentists are dentists who are 99% biocompatible. All unconventional dentists are alternative dentists. However, not all natural dentists are biological dentists. These terms are almost synonymous but can differ slightly.

Biological dentistry costs & patient insurance coverage

A biological dentist costs more on average than a conventional dental procedure. They employ the most advanced, least invasive techniques and utilize the safest materials available, but frequently more costly materials.

No, biological dentistry is not unaffordable. We determine what a dental insurance plan covers by examining specific circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

Many biological dentists believe in overall health maintenance, so they will charge you to come in several times a year per visit. Others may try to treat a patient’s health issue with conservative methods and then send you on your way, which would probably be less costly in the long run.

Unlike conventional dentists who charge upwards of $12,000 per tooth over 10- to 20 years, including multiple fillings, crowns, root canals, extractions, and other procedures that may be performed on the same tooth over your lifetime, biological dentists are not keeping you in a cycle of tooth treatment like conventional dentists are.

As the ADA does not commonly list biological dentistry as a specialty in its standard or dental policy, it is sometimes called “general dentistry.”

“Most dental insurance plans cover the basics, including twice-yearly dental checkups and imaging. However, some insurance plans may only cover the cost of mercury fillings, for example, when biological dentists never use mercury fillings—only biocompatible alternatives.

Biological dentists are not apt to take insurance.

So, what does the AO Scan have to do with Biological Dentistry?

This week, Solex will unveil a dental platform that will allow an in-depth view of oral health using our same great technology. The AO Scan Dental Technology will be a significant asset and tool for any Biological Dentist or dentist. Need more information? If you are a dentist, we would love to give you a demo of this noninvasive technology with no contraindications. Contact us for a demo.


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