AO Scan Picking Up an Iodine Imbalance?


How Do You Recognize an Iodine Deficiency?

We use the AO Scan Technology to assess this and many other values. Some go to doctors and have thyroid labs pulled, but we always start with an AO Scan and look for patterns throughout the scans to alert us to dysfunction.

What is Iodine

Iodine: An Unappreciated Mineral May Help Boost Hormone Function, Cognition, and Metabolism1

The body contains hundreds of different minerals, and iodine is one of the most misunderstood.

While we are told that goiters, or swelling in the neck, are prevented by adequate intake of iodine (and because it defends against goiters), we do not understand how it works in our bodies and what organs and systems it supports.

About thirty percent of the world’s population is at risk for iodine deficiency, according to studies.

Many deficiency symptoms go unnoticed on account of depleted soil and lack of iodine-inclusive foods education.

People who believe that they are consuming a healthy diet are the most vulnerable to iodine deficiency, since they completely eliminate iodized salt from their diet but do not replace that lost (although inferior quality) iodine with another source.

In this article, you’ll learn how to spot iodine deficiency and how to fix it.

A Thyroid Role for Iodine

Why You May Need to Take Iodine for Thyroid Complications

Thyroid function and hormones depend on an adequate supply of iodine, yet it has a number of advantages in addition to regulating the thyroid. Because it controls your thyroid function and controls your hormones,

iodine is an essential micronutrient for hormone health and efficiency.

Having too little iodine can have serious health consequences, including low-level thyroid damage and breast cancer (yep, iodine is required for breast development).

Furthermore, iodine is critical for human growth and development, so stable iodine levels are critical to healthy pregnancies and women of reproductive age.

Thyroid hormone production is impaired in people with iodine deficiency, and this may be the cause of a variety of thyroid ailments, including hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) and hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid).

Iodine deficiency is rising in the UK, according to a new study.

The United States in particular had an iodine deficiency problem in the 1920s, and Swiss table salt was made with iodine to provide people across the world with sufficient iodine to avoid rampant deficiency symptoms.

It is not uncommon for iodine deficiency to be a problem in many parts of the world, even though this idea once revolutionized healthcare in many ways.

Unrefined salt options such as Himalayan salt, sea salt, and Redmond’s Real salt (which is our favorite) are not fortified with iodine. Many people are eliminating table salt from their diets, but they are not replacing it.

Food is the best source of iodine, yet iodine supplementation must be used only when food supply is deficient or unavailable.

5 Things to lookout for if you’re low on Iodine.

Some of the signs you may be deficient in iodine are much more subtle than you might realise. Here are five pointers to identifying iodine deficiency.

Goiter Alert

A goiter is an enlargement of the thyroid gland. Swelling in the neck is called a goiter.

A goiter is a swelling of the thyroid that can form an indentation (usually due to chronic stress on the thyroid, which depletes iodine and other crucial minerals).

While this symptom is notoriously linked to iodine deficiency, it usually only occurs in the most severe cases. Unlike a goiter, which is usually permanent and treatable, a goiter usually forms after a short period of time.

People who are cold sensitive are more likely to suffer from colds.

You may want to consider watching for iodine deficiency if you constantly wear sweaters and do not feel warm. The thyroid controls the activity of the whole body, and iodine regulates thyroid performance. If your metabolism becomes slow, you will have more difficulty controlling your body temperature.

Brain Bleaching

The greatest risk to a child’s brain due to iodine deficiency is during his or her early childhood, according to scientific research. Typically, this damage occurs during pregnancy or early childhood.

Although iodine deficiency can still affect adults in more subtle ways, such as brain fog, iodine deficiency cannot affect children the same way it did in the past, according to new research.

Without enough iodine, your body struggles to produce and regulate hormones like T3 and T4 (which help to regulate neurotransmitters in the brain and promote cognition).

High TSH levels have been linked to brain fog and dementia, and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) levels are raised in cases of chronic thyroid overload.

Heartbeat or Palpitations Slowed or Heart Palpitations.

People who have hormone dysregulation are vulnerable to heart issues, according to research. Iodine and magnesium are two examples of deficiencies that may occur.

Unexplained Weight Increase

A common side-effect of iodine deficiency is slowed metabolism, according to a recent study. Iodine is needed for the production of energy-burning thyroid hormones. If your body is unable to produce as much thyroid hormone as it does normally, you may experience unexplained weight gain.

How to Identify an Iodine Deficiency

An iodine deficiency can be difficult to diagnose because many of the symptoms are identical to hormone imbalances and thyroid disorders.

In addition to a blood test or a hair mineral analysis, a thyroid panel is usually the most useful technique for diagnosing an iodine deficiency.

It may be useful to run a full thyroid panel with functional lab ranges if you aren’t yet sure what’s causing your symptoms.

*And run an AO Scan on a regular basis to see how much Iodine shows up on your various scans!

Where Does Iodine Come From?

It’s critical for the body to obtain sufficient iodine through food and supplementation, because the body’s inability to create iodine makes it so critical.

Food sources of iodine range from fish to chocolate.

It’s not difficult to get your daily dose of iodine. Here are some food sources that will ensure your thyroid remains in good health and your hormones are well balanced.

Should You Supplement Iodine?

Too much iodine can be problematic too in this case, but supplementation is another great way to get daily doses of this important element into your system.

A small decrease in iodine is not a problem if you take liquid minerals, as they allow you to absorb the iodine easily.

Simple Test

To see if you need more iodine, try dropping a spoonful of liquid iodine into a glass of water. You should drink and see how it tastes if it tastes bad or unpleasant or like nothing at all. Your body is already balanced and has enough iodine if the liquid mineral tastes bitter.

Water-based crystals allow you to re-test your body one month after beginning iodine supplementation to see if more, less, or stopping. To detect a bitter taste from the iodine, you must stop supplementation at some point.

It is important to note that free calcium can blockade thyroid iodine receptors in some sick individuals.

Because of this, an iodine supplement may not reach the thyroid. If this is something you suspect, it is best to consult with your doctor to design a treatment strategy.

In order to maintain your health, you need to consume iodine.

What we’re really talking about when we discuss poor metabolism and iodine deficiency is the energy conversion in your cells. A lack of iodine causes your food to be converted into energy to slow down.

Weight gain and other unpleasant symptoms may occur alongside it, such as the inability to handle cold temperatures.

Skin issues are common in iodine-deficient thyroid patients, who also experience an iodine-dependent regenerative process (which is triggered by the thyroid).

Wondering how the AO Scan looks at the energetic imprints of vitamins, minerals and other values throughout the body? Contact us today and will will have a practitioner get back to you immediately.

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