AO Scan Premium Monthly Subscription

Solex.Life Team

Great Monthly Price for So Much Technology

What do you know about the AO Scan Monthly Subscription Cost? It’s actually less than what our doctors charge a single individual for the scans. If you don’t have this technology in your practice, you are missing out. Contact me today!

Join Us & Enjoy Unlimited Quantum Frequency Scans etc

Subscribing to the AO Scan™ Premium for a month provides users with a global license to employ the software.

This state-of-the-art technology can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection and fits in the palm of your hand.

Features & Benefits:

scanning bio-frequencies & electromagnetic signals, frequency optimization, erasing, imprinting, and broadcasting frequencies, detailed scan reports, works on pets, and remote scanning.

Additionally, subscribers receive unrestricted access to the Innergy-Cloud™, time-proven results/validation, maintenance of the program, and unlimited technology updates.

Furthermore, users meet Bonus Qualifications and can earn while they learn. The cost of the subscription is $149 per month and does not require a contract. If you would like to purchase a Solex product, please reach out with a message.

What a great network marketing opportunity for health & wellness professionals.  Join our team today. or #aoscan #solex

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