AO Scan Users Talk Wi-Fi

Solex.Life Team


We all love a good Internet connection. That’s the sad truth.
Our AO Scan users seem to be particular about EMF and Wi-Fi so we thought we would share this great video we came across.

Great Wi-Fi Video

This great Facebook video shows that Wi-Fi can be silent, but deadly…… plants!  This in-classroom experiment highlights 8th graders showing how Wi-fi stifles the growth of seedlings  Since it is hard to live a normal life without an internet connection, you may may decide to at least turn it off while you sleep.

The Verdict is Still Out

What we’ve noticed is the people profiting from Wi-Fi are the ones suppressing the information that shows cause for concern.  What are your thoughts?
Having worked in energy medicine with quantum frequency technology, we can tell you 100 percent that energy that you can’t see can negatively or positively impact your body field.
Choose your technology wisely. Empower yourself with safeguards  like an Aulterra anti-radiation cases when possible and other ways to keep your body moving towards homeostasis.

Experiment With an Experiment

And don’t let some eighth grader change your mind. Do your own experiment!
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