AO Scan vs. Ultrasound Technology

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What Sets AO Scan Apart from Ultrasound

The primary distinction between an AO scan and an ultrasound is the techniques they use to examine the human body and what they are able to detect.

Want to know more about ultrasounds? Look what Mayo Clinic has to say about them.

Both are noninvasive techniques to collect data images of a patient’s body. AO scans make use of radionics to detect any abnormalities in the patient’s body,.

These energetic imprints  are based on the vibrational frequencies of cells and organs to assess the patient’s health.

Ultrasounds are diagnostic imaging exams that use high-frequency sound waves to create images of a certain area of a patient’s body, such as the abdomen.

The AO Scan is Much More Thorough

The technique of obtaining information is different as well as the reports that each of the devices generate.

The AO Scan Technology automatically creates customizable  scans.

The Scans include values surrounding  toxicities, allergies, sensitivities, parasites, viruses, bacteria, organs, nerves, muscles, inflammation, vitamins, minerals, blood markers, environmental toxins, and so much more.

Here is a video of JUST ONE of the many reports we can run with the AO Scan.

With the AO Scan we can conduct a full-body scan to detect hard-to-diagnose conditions, like chronic pain, that can be done with AO scan technology.

The AO Scan helps identify root cause and, by looking at bioenergetics patterns, users can start to understand and devise a treatment plan.

AO scans use three core techniques to conduct full-body scans, such as bioresonance recognition, bioresonance comparison and sympathetic vibratory physics.

These are all  based on the works of Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla and Dr. Royal Rife. AO scans compile more than 120,000 frequencies in the body to locate “biomarkers”, or energetic points in the body.

Within AO scans, there are Vitals Scan, Comprehensive Scan, Dental Scan, TMJ Scan, HomoeEnergetix and the Inner Voice Scan.

Want to go Deeper on AO Scan Science

Science Behind the AO Scan



AO Scan Plus Other Devices to Enhance Outcome

The Accuracy of Ultrasounds for certain conditions can vary, and AO scans can provide more insight into how certain health conditions may affect a patient.

Add the AO Scan to Your Medical Imaging Center Today

There are many great ultrasound imaging offices.  Most of them could really use the AO Scan radionics technology to assess a patient’s health  more thoroughly.

This would help them better assess patients and help determine suitable treatments and other diagnostic tests.

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