AO Scans, Vitamins & Doctors’ Knowledge

Solex.Life Team

The AO Scan is gaining such popularity and I’m always getting so many questions on values that come up often within the various scans.

Who is Using AO Scan Technology?

The AO Scan is not only being used by doctors, naturopaths, wellness coaches and chiropractors. It is also being used by thousands of people with more-limited knowledge of health and wellness.

That is OK!  The AO Scan technology is not a diagnosis tool, but rather an educational tool that ANYONE can use to help guide their healing and wellness journey on a daily basis.


Let’s talk about some basic vitamins and how they relate to cardiovascular health.  Many of our AO Scan users know a little about vitamins, but usually not enough to connect the dots.

The more they use the technology, the more they start educating themselves on vitamins values the come up often on their scans.

I have noticed that there are thousands of great doctors doing wonderful jobs of educating the layperson on vitamins and their functions and applications.

I came across the below YouTube video where Dr. Eric Berg DC, “The Knowledge Doc”, talks about vitamins that are important to arteries and cardiovascular health.

Check out the big deal about Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Omega 3s and so much more.

New AO Scan Affiliates should use spend a little  time on YouTube every day looking for great educational  video that bring them additional knowledge.

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