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Can Devices Like the AO Scan Detect Pathogens?

AO Scan Bioresonance

What can Bioresonance (AO Scan) Detect?

We want to start by saying that bioresonance scans, no matter how accurate, are not a diagnosis tool.

The AO Scan, in particular, is an educational tool and does not treat cure or diagnose.  Now that we have that language out of the way, here is what users of bioresonance technology experience:


Bioresonance scanning is a relatively new technology that has been gaining popularity among health enthusiasts as a non-invasive way to identify energetic imbalances in the body.

While it is not intended to replace traditional medical testing (yet) , many people are curious about whether bioresonance scans can detect cancer, viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc.

Good News in Scanning

The good news is that there is a huge amount of evidence to suggest that bioresonance scans can be effective in detecting cancer, or anything else at an early stage.  How can one validate this?

One could BUY an AO Scan Device, or let one of our practitioners do a scan for you.  Based on what you already know about your body through medical testing, you will be able to validate things for yourself.  It’s quite amazing.

One of the most promising aspects of bioresonance scanning is its ability to detect subtle changes in the body’s electromagnetic field.

Cancer cells and each and every pathogen have been shown to emit a different electromagnetic frequencies than healthy cells, and bioresonance scanning can pick up on these changes.

Bioresonance show energetic expression, but do not currently show quantity of the expression on what it picks up.

This means that bioresonance scans may be able to detect cancer before traditional medical tests, such as CT scans or biopsies, are able to.

Another benefit of bioresonance scanning is that it is non-invasive, which means that it does not require any needles, incisions, or other invasive procedures.

This makes it a more comfortable and less stressful experience for patients, especially those who may be anxious about medical testing.

It is important to note, however, that bioresonance scanning is not a substitute for traditional medical testing. We found that Cancer Treatment Centers of America are doing some really cool things you may want to check out.

What We Know

The AO Scan is our favorite bioresonance device.

This allow for in-clinic or over-the-phone scanning. It’s extremely convenient.

Bioresonance Does not Replace Medical Testing

If you suspect that you may have cancer or any other serious medical condition, it is essential that you seek medical attention from a qualified healthcare provider.

Bioresonance scanning can be a helpful tool in conjunction with traditional medical testing, but it should not be relied upon as the sole method of diagnosis.

In Closing

While there is no definitive answer as to whether bioresonance scans can detect cancer, there is promising evidence to suggest that it may be an effective tool for detecting cancer at an early stage.

When energetic imprints of that which matches a cancer is found on a bioresonance scan, it might be time to seek a medical doctor’s advice.

If you are interested in exploring bioresonance scanning as a diagnostic tool, it is important to do your research and find a reputable provider who can guide you through the process.

Want to know more about the AO Scan? We would love to have you on the fastest growing Solex AO Scan global team.

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*The AO Scan device is an educational device only. It does not treat, cure or diagnose. Please check with a medical professional before making any changes in your daily health routine.


Due to a lack of scientific evidence in the sense of TRADITIONAL medicine, science and conventional medicine do not recognise the existence of energetic/information fields, their analysis and harmonization, as well as their usefulness in medicine and other areas. No disease or medical condition is meant to be treated, mitigated, diagnosed, or prevented by the AO Scan system. It is instead designed to provide the user the choice to take information from information fields into account, even in the context of a holistic view, in order to attempt and derive useful information from them if necessary. Here, neither representative data nor data with scientific validation should be taken for granted. In light of this, each user should experiment to determine whether or not the program is useful to them based on their individual experiences. The terminology used in the databases and modules are not effects statements, they have not been examined by a recognized body, and they are not a part of the MDD/conformity MDR’s assessment process. The AO Scan system should only ever be used in line with the Instruction for Use and within the bounds of one’s professional practice, license, or certification. The usage of the AO Scan system shouldn’t be viewed as a replacement for a doctor’s independent judgment, diagnosis, and therapy selection. The therapist is always in charge of providing the proper diagnosis and treatment. The goal is to give the user a tool for potential application evaluation and trial, but it cannot take the place of a doctor. Always question the data from the AO Scan system critically, and if necessary, run it through additional tests. The body’s energy field is transient and ever-changing. Solex// Scan products, programs, and information are used at the user’s own risk, discretion, and independent judgment. SolexLife/Solex/AO Scan firms expressly disclaim liability for any user choices about the use of Solex/AO Scan goods or services outside the bounds of the manual.