Colds, Flu: Get Better Faster Using Solex AO Scan

Solex.Life Team

What to do about a cold & flu?

Having a cold or flu can really put a damper on your day.

Did you know that there are things you can do to activate immune functions to change the course of a virus?

Studies show that there are three nutrients that can do just that. These three nutrients can also reduce severity and duration of the cold or flu. So, what are they? Vitamin C, Zinc and Elderberry

There is so much information on these three nutrients and their benefits but we just want to touch on some of the fun facts surrounding them and your immunity.

Vitamin C, Zinc and Elderberry

Vitamin C: -Boosts immunity -Reduces cold symptoms -Protects against oxidative stress

Zinc: -Enhances immune function -Reduces the duration of cold symptoms -Inhibits the replication of viruses

Elderberry: -Boosts immunity -Reduces cold symptoms -May help prevent viral infections

However, it’s important to note that these supplements are not a substitute for medical treatment, and it’s best to consult a doctor before taking them, especially if you have underlying medical conditions.

But What Else Can You Do for Your Cold & Flu?

If you don’t have an AO Scan of your own, its probably time to get yours, or find an AO Practitioner.

The AO Scan Technology is the Premier Health Technology that will help the body field no matter what it is facing.

Today we will stick to addressing what can be done with the technology for the common cold and flu.

AO Scan to the Rescue

You can scan and optimize your body field on a daily basis with a number of our many scans.  (Vital Scan, Body System, Comprehensive Scan, Dental Scan, TMJ Scan, EZ Scan) BUY YOUR AO SCAN NOW.

Run the Inner Voice Scan and create custom brainentrainment files to be played two or three times a day. These customized mp3 files should be used in conjunction with right/left head phones and create changes in the brain patterns, which in turn create changes in the bodies energy field.

This acts as a catalyst to physical change. Its a thoughts become things type of situations that you must experience to believe.

If time permits, many of our practitioners would be happy to provide you with a demo of this.

Infuse healing frequencies into mineral water, hot tea, sugar pellets, crystals, etc to help move the body toward homeostasis.

Run a Customized Frequency Playlist on the body field. Our technology has thousands of frequencies that can be put in an number of creative playlists depending the needs of the user.

On the video above, you will see that we have created a Cold & Flu playlist.  Users put on their headset on, turn on the AO Scan playlist and sit back and relax.

We suggest using the frequencies on the body anywhere from 10 minutes to one hour.

Other customized playlist may be appropriate for someone with a cold or flu like a Restful Sleep Playlist, or Energy Boost, or other combinations of frequencies depending on the users symptoms.

Need more information on the AO Scan Technology? CONTACT US and one of our practitioners will get back to you soon.

Join us today. We would love to have you on our team!

Be Well & Do Good Things

*Our Solex AO Scan technology is not a medical device. It is instead a very comprehensive educational device that shows energetic expression in a body field. Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our device is not meant to prevent, cure, diagnose, or treat any disease.