Convergence of Biogeometry and AO Scan

Biogeometry & AO Scan

Pioneering Wellness and Homeostasis

In the evolving world of holistic health practices, biogeometry and AO Scan technology have emerged as significant tools for practitioners seeking to enhance well-being. Many AO Scan practitioners are successfully incorporating biogeometry, appreciating its ability to harmonize energy fields and promote health. This post delves into the science of biogeometry, its practical applications, and how it synergizes with AO Scan technology to guide the body toward homeostasis.

Understanding Biogeometry

Biogeometry, a science developed by Dr. Ibrahim Karim, is based on the idea that geometric shapes can influence energy fields around us. It integrates physics, biology, and mathematical principles to balance the energies within our environment. Biogeometry’s core focuses on the qualitative aspect of energy interactions, differentiating it from other energy sciences by emphasizing the balance and harmony these interactions bring to biological systems.

The Physics of Quality: Further Exploring Dr. Karim’s Vision

Contemporary science is gaining recognition and being criticized for its limitations in explaining the multifaceted phenomena of life. Our current scientific framework prioritizes the objective, measurable, repeatable, and quantifiable aspects of existence, often leaving qualitative, subjective domains such as the Arts, Humanities, and Religion outside the scope of scientific inquiry. However, this perspective overlooks the intricate interplay between quality and quantity.


Nature operates beyond the confines of our scientific units of measurement—centimeters, inches, volts—which are constructs devised to help us comprehend nature’s complexities. Yet nature recognizes quantity through its qualitative aspects.

Every numerical value has a vibratory quality, capable of interaction and producing distinct effects on energy systems. This duality of quality and quantity finds its roots in ancient wisdom, notably exemplified by Pythagoras’ correlation of musical qualities with numerical values, which revealed a fundamental harmony between qualitative and quantitative realms.


Musical notes, for instance, illustrate this fusion of quality and quantity. Despite varying lengths on a monochord, certain intervals induce resonance, producing identical effects on our nervous system and thus perceived as the same note. This principle extends across sensory experiences, suggesting a universal pattern of nervous reactions to external stimuli.

While traditional science may overlook these qualitative nuances, qualitative scales exist within our brains—musical, color, scent, and touch scales, offering a window into the intrinsic quality of existence. By understanding and harnessing these qualitative laws, we can transcend traditional scientific boundaries and unlock new dimensions of possibility.

The concept of resonance, ubiquitous in sound, parallels other sensory domains like color. Similar colors resonate, amplifying their energy effects, akin to musical octaves producing harmonious vibrations. This interplay of resonant qualities underscores a holistic, interconnected view of the universe governed by what we term the “Physics of Quality.”

Let’s Get Physical

Physical Radiesthesia, pioneered by luminaries like Chaumery and Bellizal, delves into the qualitative realm, employing instruments calibrated to measure subtle energy interactions. Unlike its psychic counterpart, Physical Radiesthesia focuses on objective measurements, bypassing subjective biases.

Central to this paradigm is the distinction between absolute and perceived reality. Our senses, attuned to specific vibratory ranges, decode information into qualitative perceptions, which, when synthesized in the brain, form our perceived reality—a subjective interpretation of a fraction of the absolute reality.

In Physical Radiesthesia, the third level of perception—abstract, objective, and qualitative—takes precedence, offering insights into the underlying energy patterns of existence. By applying qualitative scales universally, practitioners transcend the limitations of traditional science, engaging with subtle energy interactions across various levels of reality.

Dr. Karim’s journey into the realm of Physical Radiesthesia, unearthed during a serendipitous encounter in Paris, culminated in the development of Egyptian Radiesthesia—a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern physics. This journey laid the foundation for BioGeometry, a holistic science focused on energy balance through qualitative assessments and pattern harmonization.

In BioGeometry, the arrangement of energy patterns dictates an entity’s properties, with perfect balance characterized by specific energy qualities transcending temporal and spatial boundaries. By aligning individual qualities and balancing energy patterns, practitioners harness the inherent harmony of existence, facilitating optimal functioning across all levels of reality.

The distinction between Physical and Mental Radiesthesia underscores the objective, measurement-oriented approach of the former, contrasting with the subjective, divinatory nature of the latter. Through BioGeometry, Dr. Karim offers a profound exploration of fundamental principles, bridging ancient wisdom with contemporary science to unveil the intricate symphony of existence.

Example of Dr. Karim’s Exact Work:

Dr. Ibrahim Karim, the founder of BioGeometry, has extensively studied the impact of shapes on energy fields and has developed specific geometric forms that harness and balance these energies. These BioGeometry shapes are designed to interact with and balance the earth’s energy fields, profoundly affecting biological systems.

If you find this subject matter too esoteric, we suggest you visit Dr. Karim’s website and explore it further.

Here are some specific BioGeometry shapes and their primary vibrational qualities, as identified by Dr. Karim:

  1. BG3 (BioGeometry 3): This is not a shape but a combination of three energy qualities produced by BioGeometry shapes. The three components are:
    • Negative Green: A powerful carrier wave that facilitates communication properties and resonance with higher realms, but can be harmful under continuous exposure.
    • Higher Harmonic of Ultra-Violet: Known for its high vibrational quality that cleanses and protects, promoting higher consciousness and spiritual awakening.
    • Higher Harmonic of Gold: Associated with wisdom, clarity, and enlightenment, enhancing the understanding and application of knowledge.

These specific energies are integrated into various shapes that Dr. Karim has developed, which are used in numerous applications ranging from architecture to personal jewelry. These shapes help balance the energy fields of the environments they are placed in, promoting health, energy balance, and overall well-being.

BioGeometry shapes are particularly noted for their ability to mitigate the effects of environmental stressors like electromagnetic fields and geopathic stress. This showcases their versatility and effectiveness in different settings, from personal spaces to larger architectural projects.

Biogeometry in Practice

Biogeometry has been applied in various fields, including architecture, urban design, and healthcare. For instance, certain geometric configurations have been used to neutralize harmful environmental energies in living spaces, enhancing the inhabitants’ well-being. Healthcare applications have shown promising stress reduction and energy balance results, demonstrating biogeometry’s potential as a complementary therapy in holistic health practices.

The Science Behind Homeostasis

Homeostasis refers to the body’s ability to maintain a stable internal environment despite external changes. It is crucial for overall health, and any imbalance can lead to disorders. Biogeometry helps achieve homeostasis by aligning and enhancing the body’s energy fields, promoting optimal operation of physiological processes.

AO Scan Technology and Biogeometry

AO Scan technology perfectly complements the principles of biogeometry. This advanced tool provides detailed insights into the body’s energetic state, identifying imbalances that may not yet manifest physically. By scanning and analyzing the body’s frequencies, AO Scan can detect deviations from homeostasis early, allowing practitioners to address issues proactively.

Integrating Biogeometry with AO Scan in Practice

Integrating AO Scan with biogeometry provides a comprehensive approach to wellness. Practitioners can use AO Scan to evaluate and monitor their clients’ energetic health and apply biogeometric designs to enhance further and stabilize their energy fields. This integrated approach improves effectiveness and offers a unique selling point for holistic health practitioners.


The convergence of biogeometry and AO Scan technology represents a revolutionary step in holistic health. Both practices offer scientific methods to understand and influence the body’s energy fields, promoting health and well-being. As more practitioners adopt these technologies, the potential for transformative health benefits increases.

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