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Greetings from Solex.Life! We will delve into a shocking revelation about the everyday products we encounter, exposing the presence of potentially harmful substances in our bodies.

Jonathan Otto and a plethora of individuals and AO Scan users worldwide have made us aware of the variety of topics below, so we thought we would share the insights and opportunities for education purposes with you!

Jonathan Otto Shares What You Need To Know:

Jonathan Otto is an investigative journalist, humanitarian, and filmmaker. He is fueled by his unceasing desire to uncover the truth and alleviate suffering.

We suggest you check out more of his work and sign up for his email list so you won’t miss out. He always has his finger on the pulse and is excited to share his knowledge and findings.

Most of the content, ideas, and health dilemmas outlined below are compliments of the extraordinary Jonathan Otto and his recent emailed correspondence.

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Interesting Findings For Sure:

Our shareable information begins with the eye-opening experience of Dr. Bryan Ardis, who discovered scorpion venom in his wife’s body. The surprising twist? It’s linked to a commonly used herbicide: Roundup. From what we know, Roundup is used quite liberally on crops globally.

The Venomous Culprit:

Dr. Ardis’s findings uncovered that Roundup, a product available at Home Depot and Lowe’s, contains various venoms, including those from scorpions, king cobras, and specific scorpion strains like myoxocephalus Scorpius somatostatin. These venomous elements deplete essential minerals and contribute to health issues.

We won’t write about it in this blog post, but we suggest you head over to the Dr. Bryan Ardis Show to learn where these venomous toxins have been found—or should we say strategically placed?

Natural Remedies for Toxin Removal:

The good news? Natural remedies can potentially counteract these toxins. Referencing a 2020 PubMed study, we explore some life-saving remedies that include:

  1. Activated Charcoal: Known for preventing poison absorption, beneficial for envenomation. Read more here…
  2. NAC (N-acetyl-L-cysteine): Investigated for inhibiting destructive activities of snake venoms, particularly in viperid snake envenomations. Read the study here…..
  3. Homeopathic Remedies: Various plants, like Bixa Orellana and Rauwolfia serpentina, show promising anti-venom properties. Read the study here……
  4. Frequency Technology: When Albert Einstein said that the future of medicine would be the medicine of frequencies, we feel he was speaking about the myriad of uses of the AO Scan Technology.    *Did you know that some of the AO Scan Reports show the energetic imprint of insect bites? Also, sensitive and energetic imbalances surrounding the nicotine plant (nightshades) can be seen. The AO Scan frequency technology is a non-invasive way for you or your doctor to watch real-time fluctuations in the energetic body field. Get a FREE DEMO.
  5. Nicotine: Surprisingly, nicotine is suggested as a treatment for envenomation, blocking venom receptors. In essence, subjecting the body to small amounts of nicotine allows the body to release the bound venom with great success. As with all remedies, you should check with your healthcare provider. Check out the provided studies and resources to delve deeper into these remedies.

Paige Maurer Wheeler, Solex AO Scan Expert Trainer, says, “After my research using the AO Scan Technology, coupled with the findings of Dr. Bryan Ardis, I have successfully incorporated nicotine gum into my daily wellness regimen. I enjoy 1mg of Lucy gum in the AM and PM. In my experience, this has been life-changing. I suggest everyone research and talk to a knowledgeable healthcare provider before making any changes or adding supplements. What I know for sure is that Dr. Bryan Ardis and his findings have single-handedly changed the trajectory of the health journeys of countless humans around the world. And for that, I am thankful.”

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Protecting Your Health from EMFs:

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Healing Genesis Reloaded: A Beacon of Light:

Our journey concludes with a pressing concern – manipulating plasmids for potentially harmful purposes.

Explore an expert-led guide on reversing post-vax plasmid injuries and restoring well-being.

Since 2020, we have seen many different things happening in bodies worldwide and are always looking for the root cause of disease and dysfunction. We found Dr. Henry Ely’s words informative and inspiring, but we insist you do your own research.

“You’re a weaponized bacteria producing flavodoxin; you’re sequestering these electrons and preventing the formation of hydrogen peroxide in yourself, which would punch holes and ultimately kill you. What happens for weaponized bacteria is they can extend their lifecycle by preventing the formation of hydrogen peroxide. And how did they achieve this? It’s not natural for them to be able to do this.

They achieved this by having plasmids, weaponized bioweapons, transfected into them, or conjugated into them. This is why I’ve been saying it’s not- the primary target was never a mammalian cell; that’s more of a tertiary target, a third-level target for their genetic modification scheme. The primary target was bacteria because bacteria are the easiest to modify genetically.” 

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Conclusion: Join Wellbeingng Revolution!

In a world filled with hidden dangers, knowledge is your greatest ally.

Arm yourself with the insights experts provide and take charge of your health. Join the health practitioners, naturopaths, biohackers, healers, and wellness enthusiasts who are leveraging AO Scan frequency technology to better understand their energetic body fields.

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