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Fabulous Fabric Frequencies

The vibrational frequency of clothing has become an increasingly popular topic in recent years, sparked by the growing interest in holistic health practices.
The idea behind this concept is that everything in the universe, including our bodies and clothing, vibrates at a specific frequency.
According to proponents of this theory, wearing clothing with a high vibrational frequency can positively impact our overall well-being.

AO Assesses Your Frequencies

One tool that is often used to measure vibrational frequency is the AO Scan.
This technology uses a non-invasive process to measure the body’s electromagnetic field and identify areas where energy flow may be disrupted.
By analyzing the body’s energetic patterns, the AO Scan can provide insights into potential health issues and recommend optimizing frequencies, brain entrainment, and gentle wellness suggestions.
The vibrational frequency of clothing can vary depending on the materials used and the manufacturing process.
Natural fabrics like cotton, wool, and linen are believed to have a higher vibrational frequency than synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon.
This is because natural fabrics are derived from plants or animals and are believed to carry the energy of those sources.

AO Scan & Fabrics on Your Body

Since the AO Scan measures the frequencies in and around the body, it would only make sense that the fabric on the body would impact the body field.

Here are some fun fabric frequency specifics:

High Vibration  Fabrics, which send positive vibrations to heal and maintain health:

  • Wool – 5000 mHz
  • Linen,-5000 mHz made from flax

These two fabrics are biblical. I think they knew something we didn’t. But the exciting thing about these high-vibration healing fabrics is that they are opposites. Thus, wearing them together completely negates the vibrational benefit.

*The verdict is still out on Hemp clothing, but we believe it may be just as beneficial.

Moderately Healthy Fabric

  • Organic cotton –  70 to 110 mHz
  • Non-organic cotton, bleached and dyed – 40 to 70 mHz

In some articles, we’ve understood that the frequency signature of organic cotton may be as high as 400.

 Low Energy Fabric,

  • Rayon, made of wood pulp – up to 15mHz
  • Polyester, made from petroleum – up to 10mHz
  • Spandex, Lycra, made from polyurethane synthetics – up to 15mHz
  • nylon, synthetic polymers – up to 15mHz
  • Silk—up to 15mHz. One might think that since this is a natural fabric, it would be healthier. Nope.

So does this mean we may have to leave our Lululemon spandex behind?

FUN FACT: “A sickly, nearly dead individual’s frequency is about 15. Any healthy individual wearing low-energy fabrics with a frequency of 100 will have a strain on their body. “

We’ve been led to believe genetic predisposition can cause illness; it’s just as important to stress these non-healing fabrics are also destructive!

Wearing low-vibrating fabrics constantly reduces the immune system and the cells inside the body, causing cell-to-cell communication to cease. Why would anyone want to lower their vibration purposely? This leads to accelerated dysfunction.

Manufacturing Changes Frequency of Clothing

The type of fabric used and the manufacturing process can also impact the vibrational frequency of clothing.
Clothing that is made with care and intention, using sustainable and ethical practices, may be more common than clothing that is mass-produced in a factory with little regard for the environment or workers’ well-being.

Benefits of High-Vibe Clothing

So, what are the benefits of wearing clothing with a high vibrational frequency?
Proponents of this theory suggest that it can help to balance the body’s energy fields, improve circulation, and boost the immune system.
One would think we could test this out by using the AO Scan on a body with polyester one day and linen the next. I’m guessing the difference would be significant. Stay tuned, and we will update you on our blog once we find out for sure.

Why High Vibe Clothing

It may also help to reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being.
While limited scientific evidence supports the idea that clothing can impact our vibrational frequency, many people have reported positive experiences after switching to natural, high-frequency fabrics.
If you’re interested in experimenting with this concept, consider investing in clothing made from natural fabrics and supporting brands prioritizing sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices.
If you want to test the body in linen vs polyester, we would love to hear your findings. We also feel that the broadcasting of frequencies would significantly impact the body if one were in a higher vibrating fabric. Let us know what you find out.

Winding Down

In conclusion, the vibrational frequency of clothing is an exciting and potentially impactful concept worth exploring.
While its science may be limited, many people have reported positive experiences after switching to natural, high-frequency fabrics.
By prioritizing sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices, we can support our own well-being and the planet’s health. And, by purchasing linen clothing, we may be vibrating higher, but we sure will be more wrinkled!
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