Good Morning AO Scan Mobile Technology

Solex.Life Team

What do you do each morning with your AO Scan? Here is a quick peak at some of the things I can do with this amazing biohacking device.

This is me using the AO Scan mobile technology this morning.

Check out our YouTube as we continue to highlight a wide variety of AO practitioners and users. Please feel free to send your videos so we can highlight what you are doing with your device.

@SolexLife  is thrilled to bring you a variety of ways that our AO Scan technology is used in everyday life. Want to learn more about it? Use the Contact form found on the  Solex.Life   Originally this technology was created for doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors and holistic practitioners. Each month we continue to refine and add to our technology making it easier to use for anyone and everyone to use.  In the coming months, keep your eye out for our veterinarian and dental platform.

AO Scan Technology Can:

Scan, Assess, & Optimize a Body in Clinic or Remotely

Imprint Frequencies into Crystals, Sugar Pellets, Mineral Water or a Client’s Body

Scan the Frequencies of Supplements and Compare them Against the Body

Create Customized Brain Entrainment MP3 Files

Charge SefiDOTS With Frequencies

Its a big and exciting conversation to have with anyone concerned about living a long healthy life.

Our Technology come installed on an android or tablet, or it can be installed on your own phone. As Albert Einstein noted, the future of healthcare is frequencies!

Be Well & Do Good Things

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