Are You Using the AO Scan Technology Every Day?

Solex.Life Team

Here is a day in the life of AO Scan Mobile usage.

VIDEO: I just enjoyed three hard boiled eggs, summer squash, bulletproof coffee, and a handful of recommended supplements. This technology makes it extremely easy to give my body what it needs.

The AO Scan technology is not just for doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, holistic practitioners or biohackers. It’s for you! The ways people are using this technology are endless and so exciting. Contact to us to better understand the plethora of ways this device is being used to move bodies towards homeostasis. If time permits, we may even be able to give you a demo.

The AO Scan doesn’t just optimize and assess the body field and produce robust reports.

Not only does the AO scan mobile assess and  optimize the body field, but it can imprint  frequencies into a variety of mediums, it can scan in the frequency of any supplement, therapy, tincture, food etc letting the user know what will work best at the time of the scan,….. and so much more!
 Let me tell you all about it! Link in bio or https://SOLEX.Life or