Best Way to Start Your Day

Solex.Life Team

How do you start your day?

Our AO Scan Technology produces robust reports for doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, health coaches, biohackers,, veterinarians, dentists, wellness enthusiasts and anyone in between. It also allows the user to do things like this. 💥 (please watch our INSTAGRAM video) Daily AO Scan

I have scanned many supplements, therapies and foods into my AO Scan database.

Each morning the device assesses the top 6 I should take to help move my body towards homeostasis. We love science btw!

How and why do you take certain supplements?

Is it because you read about them? Is it because someone you know is taking them? Is it because a famous influencer told you to? Maybe you should leave the guessing up to the AO Scan Technology and give the body exactly what it needs?

Most people forget that your body has to get rid of anything that it doesn’t need. Therefore, if you take something that is not necessary, or have too much of that substance already, your body suffers the oxidative stress associated with ridding the body of the excess. It’s also a waste of money when you take supplements that your body does not need.

I love teaching and training others on this device. If I am helping move ANY BODY towards homeostasis, it is a great day. Let me show you!