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Family, Friends, CO-Workers and Neighbors Influence the Development of Our Microbiome

The Premier Health Technology AO Scan takes a look at a plethora of values throughout its 9 different  frequency scans.

This information helps individuals understand what might be negatively impacting their body field.

Values on our scans touch on allergies & sensitivities, blood values, organ function, muscles, nerves, arteries, veins, vitamins, minerals, bacteria, parasites, viruses, molds, emotions and so much more.

The AO Scan results make it is easy to understand that things, outside ones own body field can create a significant impact.

This would then also have to be true when it comes to other peoples’ microbiome.

How fascinating to think that, to a certain extent, we become, to a certain extent,  that which surrounds us.

As you will read in the information below, the company which we keep, can be, toxic or beneficial  to one’s own health and microbiome. Here is why:

Your Microbes

The microbes that a person is exposed to throughout their life could shape their health and illness. These microbes come from the social contacts they have.

A study recently discovered that the microbial populations inhabiting our bodies change as we age and are influenced by our social relationships.

Those living in the same house don’t just share a living space.

Whether it’s a family member or a roommate, it has been observed that the microbes living on each person’s body become increasingly similar the longer they stay together.


An 18 January study published in Nature, which examined the gut and mouth microbiomes of a large number of individuals worldwide1.

The study concluded that specific diseases potentially linked to microbiome dysfunction, such as cancer, diabetes, and obesity, could be transferred from one person to another.

Katherine Xue, a microbiome specialist from Stanford University in California, has conducted the most extensive survey to date.

This study was regarding the timing and the reason behind microbes being transmitted into the gut and oral microbiomes.

According to Xue, new microbes can have a continuous impact on our microbiomes as we live our lives.

Investigations into how humans get their microbiomes have predominately looked at the initial contact with microbes.

This usually occurs through maternal transmission.

According to Hilary Browne, a microbiologist from the Welcome Sanger Institute in Hinton, UK, this is a very important factor in providing the “microbial starter kit.”

The Microbiome Starter Kit

A starter kit is a great way to get going in any new venture.

It gives you the necessary equipment and resources to begin your journey.

This kickoff package provides all the tools you need to get started.

Mireia Valles-Colomer and Nicola Segata, microbiome researchers from the University of Trento, Italy, assembled a team to evaluate how and why the starter kit of microbiota shifts throughout a person’s lifetime.

They studied nearly 10,000 stool and saliva samples from people located in a variety of areas, such as rural villages in Argentina, a city in China, and both Europe and North America.

The researchers examined the corresponding strains of microbes found in the guts and mouths of family members, partners, housemates, and other social contacts to observe any overlap.

Family Microbiome

The research showed an undeniable connection between the microorganisms in mothers and their offspring, especially in the early stages of life.

During the first 12 months of the child’s life, half of the microbial strains present in their system were shared with their mother.

As the child aged, the correlation diminished, though it didn’t disappear. Even those aged between 50 and 85 had microbial strains in common with the mother.

Gut Microbiomes

Gut microbes were also acquired from other family members.

Once they hit the age of 4, children had similar numbers of microbial strains with their father as with their mother.

Additionally, twins who lived apart from one another had fewer gut microbes the longer they stayed away from each other.

Not only that, but even people from different households in the same village had a greater overlap in their gut microbes than those from different villages.

Further Research

The researchers determined that the maternal microbial starter kit was not as influential in the microbes present in people’s mouths as it was in their guts.

They learned that those who lived together, regardless of their relationship, shared the same microbe strains in their mouths.

This was especially true for couples, who had a more pronounced sharing of strains than parents and children.

The longer the individuals lived together, the more microbe strains they had in common.

Ilana Brito, a microbiome researcher at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, was surprised to discover that the extent of household sharing was no less in people from Westernized cultures than in other locations.

She had expected the transmission of microbiomes to be more difficult to detect in Western populations, due to factors that could potentially impede spread, like improved public-health infrastructures.

Microbiome May be a Similar Player as Pathogens

Browne emphasizes that this paper is very significant, as it creates the opportunity to examine how the propagation of microorganisms not usually viewed as pathogens can cause sickness.

To do this, it is necessary to link certain microbes and their transmission to people’s well-being in extended studies – something that microbiome inquiry is now focusing on. “We can now answer some of those questions,” Browne adds.

Seems like its a something from a science fiction movie, but our AO Scan has the capacity to scan in any number of things into its database and compare it against a body field. The comparison helps a person better understand what will bring their body field closer to homeostasis. Currently we can scan in supplements, foods, drinks, therapies, etc in our device to be used for this purpose. Keep your eye out in the future. Who knows? We might be able to scan the microbiome of individuals’ gut and mouths into our technology and compare it against our body filed, giving an indication as to compatibility or the biomes’ resonance.

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