SEFIdots have been available for less than one month and the feedback we are getting is amazing!

We’ve been hearing so many incredible testimonials about your experiences with SEFIdots.

What a game changer!  Bye bye pain, aches, rashes, anxiety, swelling and so many other issues!  These stories and more keep coming from testimonials by our AO Scan users.
As a reminder, SEFIdots are programmable dots with a holographic image, customizable and optimizable to your specific energy frequencies. These dots work directly with newly added SEFIdots feature located under the SEFI (subtle energetic frequency imprinter) section in your AO scan device.

Because SEFIdots application is unique to Solex, we wanted to offer some additional tips on how to properly use them.

Imprint SEFIdots with he frequency choice by selecting the specified aliment. After imprinting of the dots, you will want to carefully remove 1-5 SEFIdots from the packaging for  the areas suggested by the AO device. SEFIdots can also be placed along a meridian lines or in areas. Practitioners and users will want to make certain the skin is clean, dry and  free from oil.  Once the charged SEFIdots have been placed on the skin they should be covered with the clear adhesive patch. For ideal results remove and discard after 72 hours of use. The adhesive makes the SEFIdot waterproof, so feel free to wear them in the shower or pool.
For more information On the SEFIdots, please CONTACT us directly and an AO Practitioner will reach out to you.