Need the Frequency, or Supplement, or both?

Solex.Life Team

Everyone likes supplements.

We all use supplements. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t seem to get the job done.  Did you ever wonder why?
Did you know you know supplements are only ever useful if the body knows where to put them? Think of your body like a home and the supplements are the raw materials or the building blocks used to build the home.  The supplements put all together aren’t a home. They need order, or a blueprint. The blueprint is really what’s most important as it dictates where the raw materials are going to go. The blueprint isn’t like an architectural blueprint, but rather one’s own electromagnetic field around the body.  This is what actually dictates how to properly use the supplements.

The electromagnetic blueprint is what dictates where the nutrition and raw materials go so that the body is healthy.

If I take a vitamin C and you take a vitamin C, our separate electromagnetic blueprints direct the same exact supplement to a vastly different destination. Think of blueprint frequencies as the roadmap to homeostasis. Without this roadmap, we would be stuck with a bunch of building blocks with no order to them. To make your supplements work best, you have to give the body a corrective amplified signal of your own electric field. This is really where bioenergetic frequencies (the AO Scan Technology) or modern-day homeopathy (also AO Scan Technology) can be used to amplify one’s own electromagnetic field so you’re giving yourself the blueprint boost for a period of time. This makes a noticeable difference in how the body starts to utilize its nutrition.

It’s most effective to simultaneously honor the physical, chemical and energetic layers of the body.

We find that when these layers come into alignment, the body can access the innate wisdom to heal. Supplements address the physical and chemical needs of the body to heal but the energetic layer is truly what enables the supplements to be utilized correctly.
It’s been shown reputedly that our genome (the basis of our biology / physical / chemical body} is being activated at a level of electromagnetism before the biology occurs. well, what if, we could give our body a clear electromagnetic signal at all times?  This would mean our body would have a consistent blueprint for how to utilize the nutrients available.
This understanding has been present in the homeopathic literature for some time where they understand amplifying the energetic signature of the body for a certain frequency can help the body locate and heal that frequency.  This has now been taken a step further, we are able to capture and amplify the total body frequency of an individual and allow their body to heal the issues with a consistent amplified electromagnetic signature.  The AO Scan Mobile has been designed to do exactly that. This is true bio-energetic medicine, and the future of holistic healing.
Allow one of our practitioners to do a demo for you. See how our frequencies, along with great supplement remedies like Cell Core Biosciences, BodyBio, Life Extensions, Global Healing, Life Enthusiast, and others serve as the best way to heal.  Let us give you the blueprint frequencies that will help your body utilize nutrition more efficiently so we can all heal together.
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