Negative Ions by Loran Swensen

Loran Swensen Founder of Solex LLC


Loran Swensen on Negative Ions

We will be blogging more about negative ions in our upcoming blog, but we thought you would like the Solex LLC YouTube piece on negative ions transcribed.  See below:

FUN FACT:  Ion Miracle is a great book!

Negative Ions by Loran Swensen (Transcribed)

“Why are negative ions so important and what are negative ions  and what do they do so you basically have to ions you have a negative ion which we talk a lot about and you have a positive ion now there’s a really good book it’s a simple book easy read short read simple layman’s terms it’s called The Ion Miracle and you can get that book on Amazon it literally is like a one to two hour read it’s not a big book and really simple but I think you’re going to find it’ll answer a lot of your questions in terms that are easy to understand and you can get into books that will go into more depth scientifically on the negative ions and their properties but for a lot of people it’s going to be way over your head as far as real interest and real practical use but real basic a positive ion is kind of like a rust it’s an oxidizer and introduces oxidative stress into the body it increases the accelerates the aging process it’s what we don’t want negative ions are the opposite of that negative ions slow the aging process they are had been referred to as the vitamins in the air absolutely critical you’ll see some of the the things here on the screen that negative ions are good for burns longer life better breathing helps with things like asthma so what a negative ion does is get attracts the positive ions a positive ion will be drawn to a negative the negative effects or the the bad effects of a positive ion are mitigated and so the more negative ions that we have around us in Us in the water that we drink the air that we breathe the environment that we’re around the better we are the slower the aging process the better the body responds to stress as particularly oxidative stress so areas like we live in the city or in a home that’s full of Wi-Fi and cell phones and electricity and microwaves these things produce an abundance in excess of positive ions so the more negative ions that we can generate will help mitigate some of that those positive ion effects

we cannot get away from those unless you want to move out into the woods short of that we’ve got to do other things so I wear insoles wear bracelets the water stick in my water these types of things help introduce more negative ions in my body and around my body to help battle that positive ion bad effects so the more of those you have the more of the positive ions are going to be attracted to the negative ions and mitigated so that’s why it’s so important again real simple positive ions are bad negative ions are good I know that sounds backwards but that’s the way it is and the more negative ions we have the better health that we’re going to enjoy because we’re mitigating and reducing the effects of positive ions I encourage the book it’s a good read simple read and easy to understand and in there you’re going to hear some case studies but the more negative ions that we can consume the more negative ions that we can be within the better our health will be so with that use your bracelets charge your bracelets cleanse your bracelets your insoles whatever it is you have utilize them keep them clean  keep them charged and best of all you can you can imprint them with your SEFI so the mineral content of side in is amazing in the way it holds frequency

and that brings me to another thing I’d like to talk about and that is Si bin you see a lot of things on the internet especially in things like Google and Amazon where you can buy. By Si bin and that is not Si bin they’re selling Bian Stone  Bain Stone you’ll see a lot for massage therapist they’ll use these these they’re usually a darker black or gray stone that are shaped into blades or tools that they can use on your back that is Bian Stone it is not Si bin is a mineral compound that came from an asteroid that hit the northeast of China millions of years ago it’s found in what we the area now known as Shindo China I’ve been to that mine it’s the only place in the world that Si ben is found now sideband doesn’t have any out of this world minerals all of the minerals of side bend are readily available here on Earth and when they’ve been trying to be put together in the same concentrations and ratios as what is naturally in the Sin meteor it doesn’t have the same things we don’t know if it’s because when it passes through space and through the atmosphere of the radiation effect we don’t know all we know is that that side bend that comes from Si bin that mineral from that meteor is the only place that those properties are able to be witnessed and utilized so be careful when you’re buying if you read down a little for the day it’s actually Bian Stone and that is not the same.”


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