Negative Ions: Shake’em Up

Solex.Life Team

There is a new Shaker bottle in town! Introducing the Negative Ion Shaker & Ball.

Do you have a favorite shaker bottle for your protein shake, smoothie, pancake batter or hydrating concoction? Bet yours doesn’t do what ours does. The Solex Shaker Bottle with a Si Bin and Black Tourmaline mixing ball is a win-win!  Not only does it blend your drink perfectly, but it also optimizes your health at the same time.  Our shaker bottle comes equipped with a mixing grid our special Si Bin & Black Tourmaline shaker ball. The shaking motion allows for the negative ions from the ionized ball to be dispersed all throughout your drink.

Did you know that just one negative ion has the ability to structure over 1 million water molecules? Negative Ions, like those found in our Shaker Bottle, are also found in waterfalls, ocean spray and rainfall  have a very powerful effect on our biology. Negative Ions can heal if we let them.

The Negative Ion Shaker & Ball  is made with100 percent BPA-free plastic. The  accompanying plastic ball is infused with Black Tourmaline and Si Bin.

The Black Tourmaline and Si Bin ball can be properly charged by placing it in the sun for a couple hours every two weeks.

• 20-ounce Shaker Cup
• Leak Proof Top
• Secure Flip Top
• Dishwasher safe.
• BPA and phthalate-free.

Negative Ions:

• Improves concentration and focus.*
• Aids fatigue recovery.*
• Aids elimination of bacteria.*

• Enhances your body’s immune system.*
• Stabilizes your body’s electrical balance.*
• Increases stamina.*
• Enhances your body’s balance and center.*
• Enhances metabolism.*


* Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our  product is not intended to  treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Be Well & Do Good Things.