Nutrient Deficiencies and the Power of AO Scan

Nutrient Deficiency

Have you ever wondered if you’re receiving all the essential nutrients your body needs to thrive?

Nutrients and minerals are crucial in maintaining our overall health and well-being.

This blog post will explore the 13 most common nutrient deficiencies, including mineral imbalances, and introduce you to an innovative tool called AO Scan.

The premier health & wellness AO Scanner app technology will revolutionize your approach to health optimization.

What’s up With Minerals?

According to the informative article by Dr. Joseph Mercola “13 Most Common Nutrient Deficiencies,” mineral deficiencies are among the prevalent imbalances affecting individuals.

Minerals are essential for numerous physiological processes, and their insufficiency can lead to various health issues.

The article highlights some key mineral deficiencies that individuals commonly experience, such as magnesium, iron, iodine, zinc, and calcium.

Magnesium deficiency, for instance, is widespread due to factors such as poor dietary choices and depleted soil quality.


This mineral is crucial for energy production, muscle function, and maintaining a healthy nervous system.


Iron deficiency, on the other hand, can result in fatigue, weakness, and impaired cognitive function.

*Iron is vital for oxygen transport in the body and the production of red blood cells.


Iodine, an essential mineral for thyroid function, is another common deficiency.

Inadequate iodine intake can disrupt thyroid hormone production, leading to metabolism imbalances and potential thyroid disorders.


Zinc, necessary for immune function, wound healing, and DNA synthesis, is also frequently deficient.


Calcium deficiency can compromise bone health and increase the risk of osteoporosis.

AO Scan and Minerals

Speaking of minerals, we think there is nothing better than the trace minerals found in the Solex Ionex Gold fulvic humic acid blend.

Addressing these and many other mineral deficiencies is crucial for achieving optimal health, and this is where AO Scan can make a significant difference.

AO Scan is a revolutionary app that utilizes advanced technology to comprehensively analyze your energetic values, including minerals.

By scanning your body’s energetic field, AO Scan can identify potential deficiencies and imbalances, giving you valuable insights into your overall health status.

With the AO Scan app Exploring the Cutting-Edge AO Scan App, you can track the energetic expression surrounding minerals on a daily basis and make informed decisions about your diet and lifestyle.

Focusing on nutrient-rich foods and addressing any deficiencies or imbalances can support your body’s natural healing mechanisms and promote vitality.

AO Scanner App

The AO Scanner app also provides personalized recommendations to enhance mineral absorption and suggests specific foods, supplements, or lifestyle adjustments. Acting as an educational tool, this helps bridge the gaps in your nutrition.

Join AO Scan Today

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After purchasing your bone-conducting headset and monthly AO  Scan subscription, you can download the AO Scanner app on your chosen device.  The app can be found at

Now you will have a powerful tool at your fingertips to monitor your mineral status, gain valuable insights, and take proactive steps to improve your well-being.

Don’t let nutrient deficiencies and mineral imbalances keep you from living your best life.


In conclusion, nutrient deficiencies, including mineral imbalances, are prevalent concerns in our modern society, impacting our overall health and well-being.

The AO Scan app offers a groundbreaking solution by analyzing your energetic values and providing personalized insights into your nutrient status, including minerals.

(please note that minerals are only a very, very small part of the AO Scan assessments)

Addressing these deficiencies and optimizing your nutrition can unlock your body’s full potential and experience vitality like never before.

With the AO Scan app, you can take proactive steps to improve your mineral intake, support your body’s natural healing mechanisms, and promote optimal health.

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Don’t let nutrient deficiencies and mineral imbalances keep you from living your best life.

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