Professional Athletes, CBD & AO Scan

Solex.Life Team

There are so many different ways health professionals and fitness enthusiasts are using the AO Scan Technology.

Our Solex.Life Spotlight takes a quick look at former MLB player, Chris Singleton, and his favorite way to use the frequency technology.

Chris Singleton is a former Major League Baseball outfielder turned sportscaster, turned entrepreneur. As a Certified Health & Nutrition Coach, Chris prides himself on being on the forefront of products and services in the health and wellness industry. We asked Chris what he enjoyed best about the AO Scan Technology…..

“As a former professional athlete who has had the opportunity to use some cutting edge technology for performance, the AO Scan is one of the most fascinating devices I’ve used.”

“The precision in the scan results is almost scary. One feature that has been exceptional is the nutritional products’ scan. I’m the owner of Singy’s CBD company and scanning my product into the AO is great because it lets me know when my body actually needs the CBD rather than me just taking it when I feel I need it. You will love the power of the AO Scan!”

Keep in mind that CBD is not the only supplement that can be scanned into our frequency technology. The AO Scan technology has the capacity to scan in thousands of different supplements into its database. The frequencies of these supplements are then compared against the body to see which ones will move the body toward  homeostasis.

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