Quantum Affirmations In The AO Scan SEFI

Solex.Life Team

What is your favorite section of the AO Scan SEFI?

Quantum Affirmations, or another section of our healing  frequencies? For those of you new to the AO Scan Technology, SEFI stands for Subtle Energetic Frequency Imprinter.

One of our favorite sections in the AO Scan Technology is the Quantum Affirmations section under the SEFI feature. This feature offers a wide selection of affirmative frequencies used to balance emotions. Some of the frequencies offered in this category include ‘Accelerated Learning’, ‘Anxiety’, ‘Mood Support’, ‘Relationship Enhancement’, and ‘Stress and Tension’


To use Quantum Affirmations:



1. In the SEFI menu page, tap the ‘Quantum Affirmations’ option.
2. Tap the dropdown arrow under ‘Select Affirmations’ section to select the affirmation you want to imprint.
3. Select desired affirmation by tapping on the specific title of the affirmation.
4. Place the object on the Fractal Amplifier square.
5. Tap the ‘Imprint’ button, the ‘2 Minutes Broadcast’ button, or the ‘Continuous Broadcast’ button to begin imprinting. It is recommended to run the ‘Continuous Broadcast’ for 20 minutes or longer.

Contact us about this amazing technology. We will have one of our AO Scan practitioners reach out to you.

Be Well & Do Good Things.

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