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Easy Way to Get Red & Blue Light… and Benefits!

We are continuously on the lookout for uses and success stories for all the great technology and products that Solex AO Scan launches.

As a global distributor of the AO Scan technology and its suite of products, we continue to seek information that supports the health and wellness products and technologies we are promoting worldwide.

We would first like to share what distinguishes us from our terahertz frequency device competitors.  Read on.

Introducing the AO Infinity Wand

AO Infinity Wand uses the amazing terahertz frequency. As if that wasn’t enough for your healing journey, we’ve also included red and blue light in the device, the frequencies of the chakra crystals, and the ionic exchange of gold and silver. That’s five healing opportunities in one device. This is a significant advancement in the terahertz industry, and we hope you will take advantage of it.

This blog will showcase an excerpt from PubMed, which refers to red and blue light used together to help combat candida albican biofilm. It’s a good thing Solex added those to the wand!

Why this PubMed excites us …

“Fungal infections kill ~1.6 million people every year [1]. The fungal pathogen Candida albicans causes > 150 million mucosal infections and ~200,000 deaths per annum due to invasive and disseminated disease in susceptible populations.”

If you are using the AO Scan Technology to monitor your body field on a regular basis, you understand what an issue candida can be for many people.

Check out this video of the AO Infinity Wand in use!  It’s perfect for your home or your wellness clinic.


) Run an AO Scan 2) Create a Frequency Playlist for Support & Optimization. 3) Use the AO Infinity Wand 💥⚡️💫 How are you healing? This is a before and after of a client who had a bout of cellulitis that came on quite quickly. Most often, this is treated with an antibiotic and needs to be taken seriously. By running an AO Scan , creating a customized Frequency playlist, and using our AO Infinity Wand, we were able to get things under control while the client slept. The first picture was at 11 PM and the second picture was taken at 7 AM the next morning. join my global team of wellness practitioners and enthusiast in their scanning success. Energy medicine is exactly what Albert Einstein was talking about when he said the future of medicine would be the medicine of frequencies. Be Well & Do Good Things 💥. https://Solex.Life #aoscan #aoscanapp #wellness #quantumphysics #frequency #bioresonance #aoinfinitywand #terahertz #healing #detox #senescentcells #circulationimprovement

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Here is the Good News!

“Phototherapy has been proposed to affect local bacterial infections directly. However, the use of phototherapy to prevent fungal biofilm development has received comparatively less attention. This study aimed to determine the effects of red and blue light treatments, without a photosensitizer, on the development of Candida albicans biofilm. During the development of 48-h biofilms of C. albicans SN 425 (n = 10), the biofilms were exposed twice daily to noncoherent blue and red light (LumaCare; 420 nm and 635 nm). The energy density applied was 72 J cm-2 for blue light and 43.8 J cm2, 87.6 J cm2, and 175.5 J cm2 for red light. Positive control (PC) and negative control (NC) groups were treated twice daily for 1 min with 0.12% chlorhexidine (CHX) and 0.89% NaCl, respectively. Biofilms were analyzed for colony-forming units (CFU), dry-weight, and exopolysaccharides (EPS-soluble and EPS-insoluble). Data was analyzed by one-way ANOVA and Tukey post hoc test (α = 0.05). Dry weight was lower than NC (p < 0.001) and approached PC levels with red and blue light treatments. CFU were also lower in groups exposed to blue light and higher durations of red light (p < 0.05). EPS-soluble and EPS-insoluble measures were variably reduced by these light exposures. In conclusion, twice-daily exposure to both blue and red lights affect the biofilm development and physiology of polysaccharide production and are potential mechanisms for controlling C. albicans biofilm matrix development.” PubMed

In Closing…

As a side note for those readers who do not know the power of the terahertz frequency, here is a small snipet of what Google has to say: “Terahertz frequencies vibrate at the same frequency as normal bodily cells; therefore, they ” boost your immune system, increase the metabolic activity in the cells, increase cellular oxygenation, as well as increase blood flow.”

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