Selenium Out of Range on Your AO Scan?

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Have you noticed Selenium coming up out of range on your AO Scans?

Often with repeat scanning on the AO Scan Technology, practitioners can see definite patterns surrounding certain values.

One value that comes up on a large number of clients is Selenium.  Below are some quick facts about selenium and your best non-supplement sources.

Incredible Advantages to Health from Selenium

Soil, plants and water all contain small traces of selenium, which is essential for keeping us healthy.

This trace element has various key roles, such as shielding cells from damage, playing a part in the production of hormones, aiding thyroid functioning and strengthening the immune system. ( 1)

Foods Abundant in Selenium

Brazil nuts


Sunflower seeds







Whole wheat breads



Brown rice



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Selenium is a trace element which is a key presence in the soil, water, and plants and animals that feed on them.

The degree of selenium in the environment is primarily contingent on the local geology; in regions with a greater concentration of selenium-rich minerals, the soil and water usually contain higher amounts of the mineral.

It is typically easy to obtain enough selenium from one’s diet, as there are a variety of food sources that contain it. These include meats, poultry, fish, grains, eggs, and dairy products. Among them, Brazil nuts are especially high in selenium, providing more than the recommended Daily Value in a single nut. Nonetheless, the concentration of selenium in plant-based foods can change, depending on the selenium levels in the soil where they were produced.

What Can You See With the AO Scan

How do you know if your body needs selenium? You should be using the AO Scan Technology on your body!  Not familiar with this new technology? Contact us and one of our practitioners will get back to you with information and a free demo if time permits!

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