So You’ve Signed Up with Solex AO Scan

Solex.Life Team

Welcome! You’ve Signed Up With Solex AO Scan

You’ve  signed up wit Solex AO Scan. What now?

Rest assured that the intrigue, benefits and experiences of scanning are just beginning.

We are thrilled that you have decided to take advantage of this business opportunity!

If you signed up with our Solex.Life team, please reach out to us for your complimentary one-on-one customized training session.

We have found that one-on-one  is the best way to get started. We hope that all affiliates will take the time for this type of thorough AO Scan training.

Simply complete our CONTACT form with a short message and one of our practitioners will get back to you within 24 hours.

We will schedule a convenient time for this training once you received your device. You will also will want o have  gone through this Getting Started document.

Not on Our AO Scan Team? You Can Still Train with Us

If you signed up with another Quantum Living Advocate, don’t worry, we still offer customized one-on-one training for the AO Scan Technology.

If you prefer to not go through all of the video training on the Solex LLC YouTube channel and your back office training, we would be happy to extend our services to you.  You may go to our Contact Us page or schedule an AO Scan Coaching session using this LINK. 

We wish you the best of luck with your AO Scan training, usage, business and health insights. Its the most amazing tool in health & wellness.

Our Solex AO Scan training is appropriate for doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, personal trainers, health coaches, holistic healers, fitness enthusiasts and YOU!

Please keep in mind that this training does not replace the additional Solex University Phase1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 training.

Network Marketing Opportunity

Of course we think that our Solex AO Scan network marketing opportunity is the best.

For some great tips on all-things network marketing, you can check out this great informational website by Natalie Heeley. She is full of great information if you are new to this type of business.

“Network marketing is a business model that relies on direct sales person-to-person by independent representatives, who can do this from home or anywhere in the world — who doesn’t want to work on a beach sipping cocktails?!” says Natalie.

Not yet using Solex premier health technology – AO Scan? SIGN UP here.

Be Well & Do Good Things