Solex Adds Infrared Thermography Camera

AO Infrared Camera

Thermography Pairs Well With AO Scan

Thermography is a safe and non-invasive. It 15-minute test that measures the skin’s heat signature.

It can be used to detect tissue that may be forming breast cancer at an early stage.

Check out what tips Thermography for Health New York has for you on their website.

Why Thermography Over Other Imaging

Thermography does not use potentially harmful radiation and does not compress breast tissue.

A much better early detection test than mammography, thermography is able to detect breast function and tissue abnormalities.

These can be seen up to 10 years before a mammogram would be able to.

This effective and life-saving screening tool can help women while there is still a chance for a complete cure.*

Besides detecting breast cancer, thermography is helpful for:

  • Determining musculoskeletal dysfunction
  • Diagnosing sports-related injuries
  • Mapping neurological dysfunction
  • Evaluating deep vein thrombosis
  • Diagnosing insufficient blood supply
  • Determining changes in the abdomen area

Just Line The Client Up

Thermography imaging is easy to learn. Our thermography training is found in the Solex Phase 3 training module.

Results can be sent to a trained doctor for a professional read.  We are very fond of the thermography reads that come out of this office in San Diego.

What are you doing with your AO Scan Solex Technology?  Does it help  you identify what areas will benefit from thermography?

What specifically will you do with your AO Infrared Thermal Camera?  Here is a great way to introduce it in an office:

The above facial only thermography is often done to showcase the technology in a office lobby or at a trade shows.

All thermography procedures take place are on the line, why wait to have a simple test like thermography done?

More About Thermography

Thermography takes place in a completely private room.

A medical professional will go over the entire procedure beforehand and will gladly answer any questions and address your concerns prior to the assessment.

Thermography Suggestions

It is strongly recommended to avoid artificial tanning or sunbathing for 5 days prior to the exam.

Avoid using deodorants, creams, or lotions the day of the exam.

Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages or participating in exercise prior to the exam.

Other restrictions and recommendations will be discussed with a doctor at the time of scheduling.`

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