Solex AO Scan Adds AO Functional Infrared Camera

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What New With AO Scan Mobile? Thermography?

The AO scan Technology  Functional Infrared Camera is a medical-grade thermal imaging device that takes an in-depth look at an individual’s body.

It is to be used in conjunction with the AO Scan Mobile Technology.

The camera takes pictures of the body’s heat patterns and blood flow without the use of radiation, and it is noninvasive.

Infrared Camera: Thermography is Safe and Significant

The Solex Thermography camera is not a diagnostic tool. It can give an indication of possible disease and highlight areas of dysfunction.

Thermography imaging should be used alongside other modalities, such as mammograms, CT scans, and ultrasounds, as part of a proactive health plan

.After an examination session, the images are sent to a team of medical doctors who interpret the images with specialized equipment.

What Does it Look at?

Clients are given a report with their images and any relevant clinical findings.

These reports can provide great insights.

Information can show lymphatic congestion, breast pathology, arthritis, TMJ, inflammation, thyroid dysfunction, immune function, dental and periodontal disease, hormonal imbalances, ticks, disc disease, carotid artery flow, and nerve function.

Purchasing Options for the AO Functional Infrared Camera

Contact Paige Maurer Wheeler at 602-860-1843 or Contact Us here to purchase the AO Scan Thermography camera.

It can either be paid for in full for the cost of $7500 (5250CV) with immediate access to Phase 3 ($495 value) . Solex also offers an  installment plan option of $2000/800 CV with a down payment of $366.67/353CV, with 12 monthly payments.

If the camera is on a payment plan, customers must also pay for Phase 3 training in advance and if it is paid in full and have already taken the training, they will be reimbursed for Phase 3.

Customers must  have an active AO Scan monthly subscription. Haven’t signed up for our wonderful AO Scan Technology yet? Let’s go!  If a card on file is not successfully charged, access to the AO Functional Infrared technology will be suspended.

If a customer with the camera chooses to pay the balance early, the 10% financing fee will not be discounted.

Check out the AO Infrared Set Up Guide

Check out the AO Infrared Functional Camera Guide

Have any questions about the AO Scan Technology? We look forward to helping you with all of our premier health technology! Please reach out. 

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