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Was just getting ready to submit some quick notes on the AO Scan Technology for an upcoming podcast. Thought to share.

Paige Maurer Wheeler, Biohacker, Wellness Entrepreneur, Bioenergetics Practitioner Solex AO Scan Technology Expert & Affiliate 

About Your Business:  Solex Affiliate, AO Scan Expert, Trainer & Affiliate 

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Business contact email: info@solex.lif

1.  Please give a description of your company and the products/services you offer.

I am on a mission to move the Solex AO Scan Mobile technology into the hands of the masses. Previously our  technology was sold  only to doctors, naturopaths and holistic practitioners. It was not in a convenient mobile or tablet device, but rather in a large and clunky computer. with a very, very high price point.  Over the last couple of years Loran Swensen, along with his development team, has been able to craft the hardware of our original  large computer system and put it in an android and tablet device that can be used on humans and animals. 

2.  How long have you been in business?

I have been in the Health & Wellness since the early 90s and have never seen anything thing more significant than our frequency technology and the pace of of programmers to stay on the cutting edge.  I was exposed to the frequency technology 5 years ago, and, based on my scan results, I immediately knew I needed to find a way to bring this health & wellness technology into my everyday life.

3.  Tell us about your business. 

I have three facets to my business.

1. I take wellness clients and run them through a variety of our AO Scans ( Vital Scan, Inner Voice Scan, Body System Scan and Comprehensive Scan). I coach these clients in a plethora of ways to meet their wellness goals based on the robust reporting that our technology affords me. Because our technology serves as the most robust and unbelievable educational tool, it is easy to spot patterns and find ways to move the body closer to homeostasis. (movement, intake, environment 4 emotion).  My clients range from young to old, sick to healthy and I sometimes will scan animals. 

2. The second part of my business which is becoming super significant is disseminating this technology all over the world.  I spend a lot of my time selling this technology to naturopaths, chiropractors, holistic healers, personal trainers, yoga instructors, biohackers and regular fitness enthusiasts.  Those interested in taking advantage of the affiliate marketing platform may do so to create residual revenue (or not). This part of the business is what we call becoming a QLA Quantum Living Advocate.

3. The third part of my business is the training for the AO Scan Technology. I pride myself on being a expert resource for those who choose to view their body as an energetic body field. I see proper training and understanding of our technology being the  key to our company’s success as we continue to grow globally. 

4.  What inspired you to pursue your profession? 

I  have been involved in sports and physical activity since a very small child. Ability to move and be very physical is imperative to a happy and healthy long life. My first job out of college was managing a health & wellness center. I knew then that I would never stray from the field of alternative health and wellness.  

Additionally, I have a passion to help people feel and perform as well as I do on a daily basis. Our frequency healing & wellness technology provide me with immediate feedback and information on a body that you cannot get anywhere else.  

5.  What would you like the listeners to know about you? 

I wake up every single day feeling like a rockstar – vibrant, happy and healthy.  I attribute this to clean living and monitoring my body, supplement intake, etc with the AO Scan Technology.  

I’ve also included the links to sample AO Scans for your rearview before the podcast.  The reports below look like the client had 50+ labs pulled, but this all just takes minutes. Scans can be done in person or over the phone. The scans are non-invasive and there are no contraindications. . In my opinion, our results are so much more significant than what you would get in 15 minutes with a doctor. See for yourself. I’m always happy to give a free demo when time permits.

6. How can people get a hold of you?

Fill out the CONTACT form or send an email to  I would love to hear from you.


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