Solex Introduces Rose-Colored Glasses

Rose Colored Lens AO

Benefits of Rose Colored Lenses Introduction:

In a world where stress and anxiety often dominate our lives, finding ways to enhance our well-being and promote a positive mindset has become increasingly important. One such method gaining traction is color therapy, harnessing different hues’ unique energies and vibrations to influence our mood and overall wellness.

The rose-colored lens stands out among the array of colors available, offering a range of benefits that can truly transform your perspective.

Check out AO Scan Technology Expert trainer Paige Maurer Wheeler, getting all rosy!

Increased Feelings of Love and Joy:

Imagine seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses, quite literally! The gentle, warm tones of the rose-colored lens can evoke feelings of love and joy.

As you don these lenses, you may notice a subtle shift in your emotions, experiencing a greater sense of warmth, compassion, and connection with those around you.

It’s like a heartwarming embrace for your soul.

Enhanced Relaxation and Stress Relief:

Modern life can be overwhelming, leaving us constantly on edge.

However, the soothing properties of the rose-colored lens can help melt away stress and tension.

By filtering the harshness of surrounding light, these lenses create a calming effect on the mind and body, encouraging relaxation.

A few minutes of wearing them can transport you to a serene oasis of tranquility.

Calming Aggression:

When faced with challenging situations, our emotions can get the better, leading to aggression or irritability.

The rose-colored lens acts as a gentle mediator, diffusing feelings of anger, depression, and hostility.

Its harmonizing qualities promote emotional balance, helping you approach conflicts with a calmer and more compassionate demeanor.

Support for Natural Appetite Control:

Maintaining a healthy relationship with food can be a struggle for many.

Surprisingly, the rose-colored lens can lend a helping hand in this area as well.

These lenses can support natural appetite control by creating a subtle shift in perception.

The soft, warm tones have the potential to reduce cravings and foster a more mindful approach to eating, making it easier to maintain a balanced diet.

Computer Glare Relief:

In the digital age, prolonged screens and artificial light exposure can strain our eyes and cause discomfort.

Thankfully, the rose-colored lens offers a solution.

By filtering out excessive blue light and reducing glare, these lenses relieve tired eyes, allowing you to work or indulge in your favorite digital activities with greater comfort and ease.

Recommended Use:

To reap the maximum benefits of rose-colored lenses, it is recommended that you wear them for 10-30 minutes each day or as needed.

This timeframe allows you to integrate their positive effects into your daily routine without disruption.

Additional Details:

The rose-colored lens is magnetically attached and can be effortlessly paired with our LightWave Glasses frames.

While not part of the Inner Voice Report, this lens perfectly complements the latest LightWave Glass frames.

Please note that frames must be purchased separately.

For ease of purchase, you can click on this link to purchase the entire LifeWave set, including the new rose-colored lens.


By embracing the enchanting allure of the rose-colored lens, you can infuse your day with love, joy, and tranquility.

These lenses offer a multitude of benefits, from enhanced relaxation and stress relief to supporting natural appetite control and providing relief from digital strain.

So why not view the world through rose-colored lenses and unlock a world of positivity and well-being?

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For those of you already working with the AO Scan App technology, I encourage you to wear our Rose-Colored lenses while using the AO Mind Sync affirmation platform for enhanced benefits!

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