Solex License Plate Marketing Opportunity

Solex.Life Team

Sloex 1

Solex Global has a unique incentive for those of you who would like to market your AO Scan technology.. Are you committed to AO Scan Technology and all of its energetic benefits?  Are you ready to take advantage of a simple marketing opportunity? If so, consider a personalized  AO Scan or Solex license plate.

License plates must contain either AO SCAN or SOLEX to qualify.

Not only will you be driving around with your fancy license plate, but Solex Global will gift you a Solex Limited Edition Launch Coin. Retail value of the coin is $150 and it is available while supplies last. 

Solex Limited Edition Launch Coin Specifications:

“Crafted from .999 fine silver (1 Troy ounce), the Solex Limited Edition Launch Coin commemorates the launch of a new era of quantum wellness! The Solex Limited Edition Launch Coin enrolls you in the limited Solex Legacy Group! Each coin is housed inside a beautiful wooden display box that also bears the Solex logo and comes with its own certificate of authenticity. We are dedicated to our customers and our legacy and with this coin, you can own your own piece of Solex history. ”

We like to carry our charged Solex Limited Edition Silver Coin around with us at all times.

The coin is ornate and serves as a chargeable trinket that can be used with our SEFI Subtle Energy Frequency Imprinter.

For more information on the complete line of Solex Technology, Products and Supplements, please contact us through Solex.Life 

Energy doesn’t lie. Be well & do good things!