Solex Life AO Scan Playlists for the Holiday

Solex.Life Team

Solex Life AO Scan hopes you’re having a wonderful holiday season so far! We’ve got some Frequencies to keep you tuned up.


Part of the joy of the season is having delicious meals as you celebrate with family and friends! Here are some of our playlist suggestions for frequencies to utilize at specific parts of the day, during specific meals. We hope these playlists benefit you as you navigate your energy levels, tasks, goals, and health throughout the day and as you prioritize your schedule. Remember, the AO Scan can be used for your everyday routines, not just for special occasions. (Feel free to customize these playlists based on your daily agendas.)


Morning/Breakfast Playlist

• Breathe Free (QR)
• Immune Support (QR)
• Successful (QR)
• Bad Breath (QF)
• Appetite; Lack Of (QF)
• Weight Management (QA)
• Carbo Vegetabilis (QH)

Afternoon/Lunch Playlist

• Creativity (QR)
• Energy (QR)
• Focus (QR)
• Digestion (QF)
• Indigestion #1 (QF)
• Liver Inflammation (QF)
• China Officinalis (QH)

Evening/Dinner Playlist 🌓🥗

• Health (QR)
• Resolve (QR)
• Sleep Well (QR)
• Digestion (QF)
• Heartburn (QF)
• Intestines – To Flush (QF)
• Natrum Phosphoricum (QH)

Throughout the Day/Snacks Playlist 🫐🥕

• Stamina (QR)
• Stress Free (QR)
• Indigestion #2 (QF)
• Nausea (QF)
• Poor Appetite (QF)
• Stomach Pain (QF)

Don’t know about the wonderful AO Scan Technology? Reach out out to us. We would love to tell you more about the most amazing wellness technology available today.

Be Well & Do Good Things

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*AO Scan Technology is not a medical device. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.