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Key to Successful AO Scan Training

Before we jump into our training, some of you may need a quick introduction to the AO Scan Technology by Solex Life.

The key to having great success with the AO Scan technology is having a solid foundational training on the device by a skilled user.

Sure, you can go to the Solex LL C YouTube, and Solex University for all sorts of training and watch back replays of our weekly informational calls, but is that what will work best for you?

Some of you may have had a little head start on AO Scan Training if you used an Alpha3 Pass to do a 3 day trial on the system. Good for you! You’ve got a head start.

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The Problem is Lack of Knowledge

I’ve noticed that many people are purchasing the

AO Scan device from individuals who are new to the technology and know very little about how the AO Scan s being successfully  used in a variety of arenas.

They don’t seem to be familiar with how to use the device within a clinic or daily life in an effective manner.

The AO Scan Technology is so robust that its easy to understand why this is often a problem and AO Scan users end up misusing the device or not using it to its full extent. Either way, the result is sub-par results and can often lead to disappointment.

How do you get great AO Scan Training?

The easiest way is to join our team. With each new user that we on-board, we offer a 60 minute complimentary  one-on-one training session as soon as your receive your device in the mail.

We have found that most doctors, chiropractors, wellness coaches, biohackers and fitness enthusiasts don’t have the time to spend going through hours upon hours of training videos.

If you have already joined a Solex team and would like information on our personalized AO Scan coaching &  training, just drop us a message on our Contact Us page or you can book a Solex Training session with me HERE.

Need to know more about the AO Scan Technology?  

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