Solex Life AO Scan Definition: Radionics

Solex.Life Team

At Solex Life AO Scan, we think its important that people understand the meaning of words often tossed around when it comes to energy medicine. You may hear your alternative medicine practitioner using the word radionics. Here is what they are talking about:


Radionics is a type of alternative medicine that uses subtle energy (like AO Scan Technology) to HELP diagnose and treat physical and mental health problems. Proponents of radionics understand  that the human body radiates energy, and that imbalances or blockages in this energy can result in physical and emotional symptoms. They also understand  that by using instruments such as radionic machines, they can help detect and diagnose these imbalances, and to apply specific energy frequencies to balance them and promote healing.

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*Solex AO Scan Technology is an education tool only. It is not meant to treat, cure or diagnose.  AO Scan is appropriate for doctors, naturopaths energy healers, chiropractors, biohackers and YOU.