Spiritual Life Coach Jenny Darlin on Wellbeing, Spirituality & AO Scan

Solex.Life Team

AO Scan Spotlight:

Jenny Darlin supports your wellbeing through an apothecary of customizable modalities: The Creatrix of the Synergy Sensations  product line filled with unique crystal smudge sprays, oracle systems, anointing oils and the AO Scan. Jenny brings through supportive methods and products on all levels and for any stage in your life.

We asked Jenny a bit about her work as a Spiritual Life Coach and here is what she shared:

As a mystic and intuitive healer I hold you in a safe and sacred container as your healing, gifts, and awareness are activated and up-leveled.  I’m here to support your empowerment for greater opportunities in all area’s of wellness and wholeness.

I’m a 3x Reiki Master/Teacher, and the Creatrix of The Heart Illuminating Reiki modality, course and oracle deck.   Where Love Is. Where All Is Possible.
I support your body systems with an AO Scanning unit that measures and optimize your body’s frequencies. Supplying you with documents and sound healing frequencies to create optimal balance and health.  I’m able to empower you with more information to tune into your full body.

I’m a Spiritual Life Coach inviting you to step into your most authentic self.

To live the life that brings you joy, love, harmony and freedom, all with total ease and support.

I connect into your cellular structure and auric field with a variety of sound healing instruments to create unique Journey and Sound Bath experiences to sift, shift and vibrate your way being into harmony.
I utilize chromotherapy for clearing dis-eases, bringing balancing and self connection through my Light Washing color and sacred geometry system.
I’m a Body and Emotion Code practitioner -including Resistance to Healing, Resonating Relationships, also the Creatrix of What’s The Weight program.
I offer diverse intuitive readings to guide you on your path, to bring forward Divine messages and proposed action with Tarot, Lenormand, Charms  and Oracles.
There truly is so much more in my offerings so I’m able to fully support you on your wellness journey into empowerment and wholeness. For additional information you can go to my website.
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Be well.