Try Solex AO Scan For Free: Alpha3 Pass

Solex.Life Team

Free 3-Day Trial Pass for AO Scan Technology

Solex Life is excited to offer Alpha 3 Passes to any doctor, naturopath, chiropractor, health coach, personal trainer, fitness enthusiast or biohacker.  This offer is good while supplies last.

Alpha3 Day Pass allows one to experience the AO Scan Technology program on a trial basis, on their own device.

Current AO Scan users can now share the AO Scan Technology program with anyone, wherever they are, via their own device.

Each pass grants users access to all the features of the AO Scan Technology  for three days.

EZ Scan, Inner-Voice, Vitals Scan, Body Systems Scan, Comprehensive Scan, Quick Scan and SEFI Scan are all accessible during the trial.

Try AO Scan for 3 Days & Sign Up

During this 3-day trial period, users may enter and scan  as many clients as they would like.  T

he trial period also allows one to broadcast an unlimited amount of healing frequencies.

If the Alpha 3 Pass users decides to become part of our Solex.Life AO Scan Technology family they simply sign-up using the same email address.

Using the same email address will ensure that all of  their client information will be saved.

Want to know more about the premier health technology?  CONTACT us and a practitioner will reach out to you with more information. Join  our team!

Be Well & Do Good Things

*The AO Scan Technology is an educational device and is not to be used to cure, treat or diagnose and disease.


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