sefiDOTS are programmable disks for your body

What is sefi? The sefi is the subtle energetic frequency imprinter and is the imprinting  portion of the brilliant AO Scan technology. sefiDOTS are the programmable disks that can be charged with the AO Scan Device.

We are excited about this new way to imprint our AO Scan Frequencies!  The brand new Solex sefiDOTS are programmable discs with a holographic image. They are printed on a  special foil back and encased in a silicone bubble.

sefiDOTS are not at all like the  pre-programmed patches on the market. These discs give you full control of what frequencies are used.

They can also be  “freshly imprinted” which we see as a clear advantage when working with energy. The sefiDOTS can be programmed with the specific energy frequencies you need that can enhance your body’s own energy field. They are really all about effective programming for your specific needs. Here is your change to take your optimization to another level.

How does it work?

The AO Scan or a wellness practitioner identifies what frequencies you need. An AO practitioner imprints the sefiDOTS with your customized frequencies.

You adhere the sefiDOT(S) to the appropriate area on the body.  The areas where these are most impactful are along meridians and on acupressure points. For more information on the science behind the DOT placement  research  Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM.

Check out our YouTube videos on the correct way to imprint the sefiDOTS with your AO Scan technology, or contact us at Solex.Life for more information.