What Does the AO Scan Say About DNA?

AO Scan and DNA


In recent years, there’s been an explosion of interest in understanding our DNA. With the advancements in genetic research, more people are curious about what their genetic code can reveal about their health, ancestry, and overall wellness. The Solex AO Scan offers an innovative and easy way to take a comprehensive look at your DNA and beyond. Through the Comprehensive Scan and the Body System Scan, users can gain insights into all their chromosomes, alongside detailed information on every nerve, muscle, artery, vein, connective tissue, organ, and much more.

Below is a small portion of the AO Scan Body System Scan that touches on chromosomes.

AO Body System AO Body System

Below is how each chromosome appears on the AO Scan Comprehensive Scan.

Comprehensive Scan DNA

*Did we mention that all Solex AO Scans are non-invasive and have no contraindications?

New Discoveries Within Our DNA

Recent breakthroughs in DNA research have shed light on some of the most enigmatic aspects of human existence. One of the most surprising and revolutionary discoveries has come from Russian scientists who have ventured into areas of DNA research previously unexplored by their Western counterparts.

Paranormal Phenomena Explained

These Russian scientists have reprogrammed human DNA using words and frequencies, providing a genetic explanation for phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, and the supernatural light often referred to as the “aura.” This groundbreaking work, led by biophysicist and molecular biologist Pyotr Garyaev, challenges the conventional view that 90% of our DNA is “junk.” Instead, they have found that this DNA contains valuable information and can be influenced by linguistic and vibrational inputs.

DNA and Language

One of the most astonishing discoveries made by these scientists is that human DNA stores data similarly to a computer’s memory. They found that our genetic code uses grammar and syntax rules akin to human language, suggesting that our spoken languages may be direct expressions of our DNA. Furthermore, DNA base pairs and their structures also follow these linguistic rules, underscoring a profound connection between language and genetics.

Modifying DNA with Words

Perhaps the most exciting discovery is that living human DNA can be altered and rearranged using spoken words and phrases when delivered at the correct frequency. The Russian researchers have used radio and modulated light frequencies to influence cellular metabolism and correct genetic defects. They have even transferred information patterns from one DNA set to another, achieving results such as turning frog embryos into salamander embryos without any surgical intervention.

This capability of DNA to respond to words and frequencies offers a scientific basis for the power of suggestion and hypnosis, which have long been used for therapeutic purposes. It highlights that our DNA is naturally attuned to verbal commands, a principle known and utilized by esoteric and spiritual traditions throughout history.

The Genetic Basis of Intuition

The research also delves into the genetic foundations of intuition, or “hyper communication.” This phenomenon involves receiving information from an external source beyond one’s knowledge base. Although hypercommunication is rare today, it was once a more common experience. Factors such as stress, anxiety, and mental hyperactivity inhibit this ability.

In the animal kingdom, hyper communication is seen in species like ants, where the “queen” can influence the colony’s activities through this form of communication. The discovery of the biological underpinnings of hyper communication suggests that humans can relearn and develop this skill, potentially accessing and transmitting information across the universe through “magnetic wormholes” created by our DNA.

Revolutionary Implications

The implications of these discoveries are profound, indicating that with the right techniques, humans could harness their DNA to achieve extraordinary feats of healing, telepathy, and even interstellar communication. These findings also suggest that the ongoing changes in our Earth, Sun, and Galaxy influence human DNA and consciousness in ways that will only be fully understood in the future.

Exploring Your DNA with AO Scan

The Solex AO Scan is revolutionizing how we understand our bodies by providing a non-invasive, detailed analysis of our DNA and overall health. This technology delves into the intricate details of your genetic makeup, giving you a clearer picture of your body’s blueprint.

Chromosomes and Comprehensive Health

The Comprehensive Scan feature of the AO Scan technology is designed to highlight every aspect of your health, starting from the core—your chromosomes. Chromosomes carry the genetic information that dictates everything from eye color to susceptibility to certain diseases. By examining these chromosomes, the AO Scan can offer insights into potential health risks and inherited conditions, allowing you to take proactive steps toward better health.

But the scan doesn’t stop at just chromosomes. It extends to every nerve, muscle, artery, vein, connective tissue, and organ. This holistic approach ensures that no aspect of your health is overlooked, providing a complete picture of your wellness.

The Science Behind AO Scan

The technology behind AO Scan is grounded in bio-resonance and frequency detection principles. Every cell and tissue in your body emits a specific frequency, and the AO Scan technology can detect and analyze these frequencies. By comparing the frequencies emitted by your body to a database of healthy frequencies, the AO Scan can identify imbalances and potential health issues.

This method is noninvasive and can be done quickly, making it accessible to anyone interested in better understanding their DNA and overall health.

Join the Global Community

The AO Scan community is growing rapidly as more people discover the benefits of this revolutionary technology. By joining our global team of AO Scan practitioners and users, you can take control of your health and help others do the same. Whether you’re a health professional looking to expand your practice or an individual interested in biohacking your way to better health, the AO Scan offers tools and insights that can make a significant difference.

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As interest in DNA and genetic health grows, the Solex AO Scan is a powerful tool for gaining deep insights into our genetic makeup and overall health. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this cutting-edge community. Scan and know your DNA today with AO Scan technology.

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By seamlessly integrating the latest genetic research with the innovative capabilities of the AO Scan, we offer you a comprehensive tool to understand better and enhance your health. Join us in exploring the future of wellness technology today! And for me, that is much better than giving my blood or letting anyone take a cheek / saliva sample.  PMW

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