Alpha³ Pass

AO Scan users can now share the significant experience of the AO Scan Quantum Healing Technology with greater ease. Most AO Scan users will perform a demo for potential clients, but doing a demo doesn’t showcase the vast applications of the technology.

We are so thankful that Solex Global recently Introduced the Alpha3 Pass. This pass allows 3 full days of access to the AO Scan Technology for doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, personal trainers, nutritionists, yoga instructors, dentists, veterinarians, biohackers, network marketers, fitness enthusiasts, and maybe YOU!  Current AO Scan users can now share the  AO Scan Technology with perspectives buyer’s via an  Alpha3 pass directly from the AO  Scan Device.

Why do we love the Alpha3 Pass?

The Alpha3 Pass serves as a great marketing tool for those participating in the network marketing aspect of the Solex AO Scan Technology (Quantum Living Advocate). But more importantly, the  Alpha3 Pass  assures that those interested in the technology more fully experience  the expansive capacity of the device  for themselves.